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The Department of Physics organises on an annual basis a symposium consisting of student presentations by students concerning their final year projects and short review papers, as well as Masters and Ph.D. research. This event usually takes place around the beginning of April. All students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in this event. Attendance is free of charge.


This year the Physics Annual Symposium will be held on Wednesday 25th April 2018 (click here for programme).

The following are some guidelines to students for preparing their presentations:

  • The student is to submit a title and an abstract for the presentation, following discussion with the supervisor on or before the stipulated deadline, which is normally two weeks before the symposium
  • The duration of the presentations is as follows:
    • 15 minutes for short review paper presentation
    • 15 minutes for final year Thesis
    • 25 minutes for Masters students
    • 35 minutes for Ph.D. students
Note that the above time slots includes 5 minutes for questions and/or discussion.

  • The presentation should include an overview of the subject, a short summery of the work undertaken, results obtained where applicable and a suitable conclusion.
  • The student is strongly advised to consult with the supervisor on the material to be presented.
  • The presentation will be prepared in electronic form and shall be compatible with projection by means of a data projector. It shall be provided on a compatible memory medium to the organiser well before the start of the session when the respective presentation is schedule.
  • The presentation is to be written in good English and should be accompanied by an oral description in the same language.
  • It is good practice not to read from the presentation medium but to address the audience directly.
  • Students should keep in mind that they will be assessed on their performance and the mark will contribute to the final mark of the course, where applicable.
  • The presentation should not contain long paragraphs. It is good practice to use short verbal statements and sufficient illustrative figures. Additional details should be provided orally.
  • It is strongly recommended that students attend the regular physics seminars organised by the department in order to observe presentation skills.
  • Students should present themselves properly dressed. A formal dress code should be adhered to.

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