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The Electromagnetics Research Group (EMRG) within the Department of Physics at the University of Malta was established to conduct research across a broad range of topics including antenna and sensor design, dielectric spectroscopy and EMF exposure studies. 

Most of the problems addressed at EMRG require the use of computational models to fully analyse and solve the underlying mechanisms. Computational models such as Maxwell, HFSS, Sim4life etc... are installed on the supercomputer Albert, available at the University of Malta. This permits the running of very large applications, at speeds which permit the availability of results in reasonable times.

Our members are actively involved in the following COST Actions:

MP1204: TERA-MIR Radiation: Materials, Generation, Detection and Applications
BM1205: European Network for Skin Cancer Detection using Laser Imaging
BM1309: European network for innovative uses of EMFs in biomedical applications
TD1301: Development of a European-based Collaborative Network to Accelerate Technological, Clinical and Commercialisation Progress in the Area of Medical Microwave Imaging

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