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Public lecture by Dr Vera Mazankova - 30.10.18
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The Departments of Physics and Chemistry are organising a lecture where Dr Vera Mazankova will give a talk titled ‘Laboratory mimic of a prebiotic atmosphere by electrical discharges in a N2-CH4 mixture with added CO2

Vera Mazankova was born in Vyskov in Czech Republic and obtained her Masters degree in Physics from Masaryk University in 1995 and her Doctoral degree in physical chemistry from the University of Technology in Czech Republic in 2009. She has previously worked at Brno University of Technology and Masaryk University. Dr Mazankova currently holds a position at the Faculty of Military Technology as an academic at the University of Defence and working on research in plasmachemical field at the Brno University of Technology.

Date: Tuesday 30th October

Time: 11.00

Venue: MP216

Abstract - Dr Vera Mazankova [PDF]

Dr Vera Mazankova 


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