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Since inception in May 1997, the Department has dedicated its efforts to the promotion of the academic disciplines of Probability, Statistics and Operations Research through instruction, research activities and publicity. Having successfully launched and executed a full four-year B.Sc. Hons programme of studies, a programme of M.Sc. studies in Statistics and OR as well as a very wide menu of servicing study-units, the department is currently involved heavily in three major directions:

  • updating existing Statistics and OR service study-units, which are attended by students from departments in the science and other faculties, from institutes and centres through an emphasis on the application of Statistical and OR techniques in relevant areas through the use of computer software

  • consolidating, updating and focusing the programme of work for a full major subject option in Statistics and Operations Research within the four-year B.Sc. Hons course which was inaugurated in October 1998

  • strengthening our research output through systematic launching of research initiatives which aim also at attracting students to participate in Research Activities and postgraduate studies.

The Departmental long-term objectives remain the following:

  • maintenance and focusing of our teaching programmes to cater for needs as they arise and develop in local society

  • creation of concrete opportunities for members of staff to upgrade and sharpen their academic potential

  • extension and strengthening of current research activities to include new areas

  • expansion of the process of negotiation and interaction with private and public bodies to help the establishment of a consultancy service in the department within the shortest possible time.

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