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During the academic year 2008/9 the department is offering three types of study-units:

B.Sc. Hons Study-units:

  • 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year and 4th Year study-units forming part of the Statistics & OR programme of studies within the B.Sc. Hons.

2.    M.Sc. Study-units and dissertation as part of the Statistics & OR graduate programme of studies

3.    Statistics and Operations Research study-units which service the needs of students not reading Statistics and OR as a major subject:

  • a programme of Statistics study-units for students with ‘O’ Level Mathematics background
  • a programme of Statistics and Operations Research study-units for students with ‘A’ Level Mathematics background needing these subjects at a fairly high level of sophistication

Study-units have been, and are being designed to incorporate a blend of:

  • pedagogical issues
  • an acceptable degree of mathematical and logical rigour
  • continuous exposure to the practical dimension of the subjects
  • responsiveness to current advances in the relevant subjects
  • proficiency with reference to the computational aspect of the subjects.  

Students following successfully these study-units should in the long run be in a position:

  • to deal competently with the notions of uncertainty and randomness in a logically valid and mathematically sophisticated way
  • to know which branch of relevant theory should help in understanding practical problems involving probabilistic, statistical and operations research contexts
  • to be confident in the use of software commonly used in the numerical solution to problems in the relevant areas.
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