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Probability grew into a fully-fledged branch of pure mathematics in the eighteenth century out of a repertoire of mathematical techniques for solving combinatorial problems generated by an aristocratic partiality for gambling. Huge advances over the last two centuries were largely due to the discipline’s ability to provide a language and methodology for solving very difficult problems in a huge number of areas involving the notion of randomness.  Its axiomatization and secure theoretical grounding within the confines of measure theory, bolstered by its uncanny flair for providing fresh insights and powerful techniques in various disparate areas, bestowed upon it the status of one of the more important fundamental branches of mathematics.    

In contemporary mathematics stochastic processes constitutes its most important direction of development with heavy theoretical and practical interest.  The keen interest first shown in the subject by theoretical physicists, subsequently entertained by engineers and other academics and researchers specialising in areas of applications of mathematics incorporating randomness, has been surpassed in intensity by that manifested in grandiose ways by researchers working in financial and actuarial mathematics.

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Giant Glowing Halos around Distant Quasars
Unexpected Giant Glowing Halos around distant quasors
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