S-Cubed, the Science Students' Society, represents all Faculty of Science students. It is quite different from student organisations you've encountered during your time at Sixth Form. 

With six different departments at the Faculty of Science and many different course combinations, with little intersection between them, many students do not get the chance to meet up. So S-Cubed aims to bridge this gap and unite Faculty of Science students by organising a number of activities.

We aim to do this firstly by hosting several social and leisure events. We have a number of staple events throughout the year. Around November we have the weekend seminar, where you can start socialising with your fellow class friends while staying over at a hotel. Later on, comes On The Trail, where we go camping out for a night. In the second semester we organise the Lab, a much-awaited, science-themed open-bar party for the mad scientists among us!  During our Annual Science Gathering students and academics get to meet up and socialise in a calm, informal setting.  

Without doubt, our biggest event is our annual five-day trip abroad. We have visited Switzerland, Paris, London, Munich and Vienna. Stay tuned to get to know where we'll be going this year.

S-Cubed is not just about parties. We also have an education office, and we produce video tutorials, set up site-visits and keep you posted about job opportunities and educational opportunities.

Another of our aims is to communicate science to the public. We believe that it is important for the public to perceive Science positively and to be aware of the research conducted at UM. We take part in a number of events such as Science in the City. Watch out for our Quizzing Campus videos and Speedy Science posts on Facebook.

At S-Cubed we thrive to improve the social wellbeing of the students. We represent science students in KSU's KPS committee, which takes stands on current affairs. During the Annual Science Conference we discuss a topic that is relevant to science students and write a policy paper.

If you're interested in any of this, get to know us! We could always use some help. So, if you're interested in getting involved, get in touch!