About us

About us

With 20+ years of experience in broadcasting quality programming, Campus FM makes sure to provide the best educational, informative, as well as entertainment programming in the Maltese Islands.

Local programming seeks to explore areas such as arts, culture, historical, humanistic and socio-cultural issues, among others. As of 2020, Campus FM embarked on a new journey, revamping its weekly morning slots with brand new breakfast and brunch shows, along with other fresh additions to its schedule lineup.

We have various international agreements such as daily updates and links with the BBC World Service and Classic FM in the UK. Programmes from Putumayo World Music & Bioneers Radio in New Mexico also form part of Campus FM's schedule.

Sticking to its well-known tagline, 'Journey through my mind', it is safe to say that listeners will have an array of good quality programming that will surely appeal to the various niches within society.

Campus FM broadcasts 24/7 on 103.7 FM, DAB+ and Online.