Covid-19 guidelines

Updated 24 September 2021

At its meeting held on 23 September, Senate announced that continuing University students will physically return to the Msida campus on Monday 27 September.
The opening ceremony to herald the new academic year will be held on Monday 4 October.
New students will enjoy the traditional Freshers’ Week organised by KSU on the quadrangle and lectures will start on Monday 11 October.
The P-R mode (Physical-Remote) will allow large classes to be split into manageable sub-groups so that, in a given week, a group will attend lectures on campus while the rest will follow remotely. The sub-groups will alternate so that every student will have the opportunity to attend classes in person and to experience traditional student life.
UM has published an updated COVID-19 protocol  outlining its vision to re-introduce a sense of community on campus while adhering to all health and safety regulations. Download these guidelines and get to know all the details.
Details pertaining to the use of IT tools during lecture delivery can be accessed on the Instructional Continuity webpage.