Spiritual activities

Spiritual activities

  • Daily Mass
    Mass is celebrated Monday to Friday at 07:20 and 12:30.
    The liturgies are brief but animated by students and staff in the Music Ministry Teams and celebrated by various priests from the Chaplaincy and Jesuit community.
    During the summer season mass will be celebrate at 07:10 and there will be no 12:30 mass. During particular weeks as for example in the month August, the daily Mass is not offered.

  • Saturday Masses
    The 19:30 mass is aimed for University staff, students and families, as well as for the general public. During this Mass, children have their own Liturgy of the Word, organised by various lay persons. Members from the Deaf community are very much integrated in the Saturday Mass community. A sign language interpreter is always available during the service.

    The Saturday Mass offered all year round with the exception of the month of August.
  • Jesuits available for Confessions/Guidance
  • Fr Patrick Magro sj: available daily, contact number: +356 2340 2341
  • Fr Alfred Micallef sj: available by appointment, contact number +356 2340 2341
  • Fr Chris Vella sj: available by appointment, contact number +356 2340 2341
  • Other priests, religious or lay persons, male or female, are available for spiritual direction. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.   
  • Christmas and Easter
    Christmas Eve, as well as the Easter Triduum services are special moments for the University community. The chapel is packed and liturgies are well-organised by youth who form part of different Christian Life Communities, students and members of staff. The details of the Events will be published on the Notices List and on the Chaplaincy Facebook page well in advance.
  • Every Wednesday we will be organising the Chaplaincy Wednesday Prayers. It consists of an hour of prayer varying in style from one week to another. We have refreshments at 7:30pm and the prayers will start at 8pm till 9pm. The following styles where used for prayers: Taize style, Worship, Rosary, Meditative prayer and Ignatian prayers.
  • Lenten reflections are organised annually by the University Chaplaincy for university students and young professionals. We usually choose people who know how to convey the gospel message to young people in a simple, fresh and challenging way. Facilitators have included Fr Karm Debattista MSSP, Fr Paul Chetcuti sj, Fr Marcello Ghirlando ofm, and the Archbishop. All are welcome!

    Another course of Lenten reflections is organised in Maltese for staff members.

    During Holy Week we organise Lenten Reflections in English. These reflections are open particularly to members of staff and other professionals. Preachers have included Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, Fr John MacDade sj, Fr Jack Finnegan OSB, Mrs Margareth Hebbletwaithe, Ms Frances Hogan, Fr Michael Paul Gallagher, Fr Pete van Breemen sj, Fr Brian Pierce OP and Sister Theodora Hawksley
  • Silence is not only golden, but can also be healing. For what better setting can one find if not the stillness of silence, to reflect on one’s life, get closer to God, relax in his presence, and find oneself.

    All this can be done in the directed retreats organised by University Chaplaincy. Throughout the year, a number of weekend retreats are offered. Those who are at a crossroads in their life are given the opportunity to stop, think, pray and listen to that hidden voice which is showing them the way.

    The Chaplain, and the other Jesuits, are available to direct weekend retreats during the year.
  • Throughout the year, and particularly during Advent and Lent, the Chaplaincy offers guidance to students and staff to help deepen one’s prayer life and one’s relationship with God. This experience is offered over a period of 10 days or over a longer period of time. It is done on a personal level with a spiritual companion – either a Jesuit Chaplain or a lay person, trained in spiritual accompaniment.

    In the shorter experience, the week of guided prayer, you will meet your companion everyday of the week and explore passages in the Bible as well as different methods of prayer, as you walk your own personal journey. Below are some experiences.

    In the shorter experience, the week of guided prayer, you will meet your companion every day of the week and explore passages in the Bible as well as different methods of prayer, as you walk your own personal journey. Below are some experiences.

    You can also ask us to organise your own week of guided prayer at any time throughout the year, when you feel the time is right for you.

    Ready to embark on this week-long but long-lasting journey?
    Contact us if you’re interested or keep a look out for more information, closer to date.

    I find these weeks of guided prayer to be landmarks during the year, because they pull my spiritual life again from the dumps, which it sometimes falls into because of the daily rush and worries!
    Marthese, staff.

    I never knew that I could pray using my imagination – I always thought it was childish – but now I know that it is very powerful. This week will surely keep my prayer life going on longer!
    John, student

    You can opt to follow the Spiritual Exercises in daily life, and meet a spiritual guide once a week over a number of months, or you can opt for ongoing spiritual direction. One-off encounters with a spiritual guide can also be arranged.

    Contact us for more information.