Your reference guides to WISEflow

With examinations upon us, it is time for you to get up to date with WISEflow, the assessment software chosen by the University of Malta to conduct electronic and distanced exams.

A message to UM staff and students

WISEflow is completely paperless, keeps information secure and facilitates the process of online examinations for students and staff alike, simplifying the submission of written papers which can then be corrected via this same platform.

If you are not yet familiar with WISEflow, we recommend that you avail yourself of the various avenues of support available for you. Together with the Office of the Registrar and IT Services, the Office for Human Resources & Management & Development has organised a series of training sessions for academics and administrative staff.

Check if you are able to attend any of the upcoming WISEflow training sessions by accessing the schedule.

The team has created a number of online resources too:

Q&A WISEflow sessions

If you find it easier to discuss your usage of WISEflow in a Q&A type of setting, a number of Question and Answer sessions are also being organised for UM staff. Check if you are able to attend the remote Q&A sessions by accessing the schedule.

Time to get familiar with WISEflow from your own devices. All your material is automatically backed up – so you need not worry about losing your progress.