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Although officially the youngest Faculty at the University of Malta, The Faculty for Social Wellbeing has brought together centres, institutes and departments that have been in existence, promoting social wellbeing for a long time.

Each and every department within the Faculty for Social Wellbeing contributes towards the welfare of society, in its particular way, according to its expertise.  The different fields of knowledge are multidisciplinary. They are animated by the same utilitarian spirit and led by the same values of solidarity, empathy, social justice, empowerment, inclusion, rehabilitation, prevention and positive intervention.  They feed from and nourish the same body of knowledge – that pertaining to living in modern society: the issues, the challenges, the aspirations and needs faced by people today.  Their multidisciplinary nature, the spirit and values they share, makes it possible for all these departments, for their members (academics and otherwise) to work together, as a team, in harmony.

The aim of every department, and thus that of the Faculty, is to promote social wellbeing, by:

  • researching issues that characterise  society, identifying challenges  and opportunities, presenting practical, efficient and effective interventions
  • providing researchers, academics and practitioners in welfare, youth work and/or the criminal justice system
  • training welfare, youth or criminal justice professionals on-the-job
  • acting as a resource centre for the authorities, in welfare, youth or the criminal justice system
  • being an informed, assertive, logical, academic voice that identifies and reflects  social aspirations, promoting awareness, prevention and positive intervention.

Last Updated: 14 June 2013

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