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1st Memorial Lecture 2015
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The Disability Studies Unit organised the 1st Gordon Cardona Memorial Lecture – ‘ON A PEAK IN DARIEN: understanding our past, challenging our future’ by Mr Joseph M Camilleri on Wednesday 22 April 2015, at the Faculty of ICT Auditorium.
Over the past thirty years the disability sector in Malta and Gozo has registered great progress in different areas. Locally, we have seen many advances in education, in the provision of goods and services, legally and in the area of accessibility. We have also seen a marked change in the mentality of the Maltese population from an entirely negative individual/ tragedy view of disability, to a more open and accepting attitude. This in turn is leading to more and more disabled people breaking free of the shackles of prejudice, low-expectations and limited life-choices which condemned previous generations of disabled people to a lifetime of financial and social poverty and a childish dependency on the goodwill of relatives and friends. But my concern is this: How much of this progress is real and how much of it imagined? How much is permanent and how much a temporary respite before we are forced to return to our disenfranchised past?

Mr Camilleri took a critical look at some of the important changes that have taken place in the disability sector and which he has witnessed and been actively involved in. He also identified some emerging disability issues and made a few recommendations based on six decades of experience as a disabled person and a disability activist whose primary concern has been, and will remain, that disabled people are in control of their own lives, make their own decisions and speak for themselves.


Mr Camilleri's paper can be downloaded by clicking here





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