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Disability Research Ethics

Disability Research Guidelines 


Introductory reading list

  • Barnes, C. and Mercer, G. (2003). Disability. London: Polity
  • Goodley, D. 2011. Disability Studies: an interdisciplinary introduction. London: Sage.
  • Morris, J. (1991). Pride Against Prejudice. London: The Women’s Press
  • Camilleri,  J.M (1998): ‘Disability: a personal odyssey’.  Disability & Society, Vol. 14, No. 6, 1999, pp. 845-853.
  • Camilleri, Joseph M.  & Callus, Anne-Marie (2001): ‘OUT OF THE CELLARS - Disability, Politics and the Struggle for Change: The Maltese Experience’. In Barton, Len (2001):  Disability, Politics and the Struggle for Change.  David Fulton Publishers.  London. UK.  Chapter 7.  Pp: 79 - 92.
  • Camilleri, Joseph M. (2006) 'The Genesis of Disability Studies in Malta: from a colonial past to an independent future?' Keynote speech delivered at the Disability Studies Conference in Lancaster.
  • Watson N., Roulstone A, & Thomas C. (Eds.)(2012).  Routledge Handbook of Disability Studies. London:Routledge.

Most of the above are available at the University of Malta library and also at the Wenzu Dalli Resource Centre, Office of the Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disability, Istituto Vincenzo Bugeia, Triq Braille, Sta. Venera  Tel : 22788555


Some films featuring disability

Disabled characters in film are often used to function either as plot devices or are portrayed in stereotyped ways. However, there are also a few films which provide sensitive and realistic portrayals of disabled persons. Here are some of them:

La Huitieme Jour (The Eighth Day)
Jaco Van Dormael
I am Sam
Jessie Nelson
Inside I'm Dancing
Damien O'Donnell
Le Chiavi di Casa (The Keys to the House)
Gianni Amelio
My Name is Khan
Karan Johar
Intouchables (Untouchables)
Olivier Nakache/Eric Toledano

 See also Down Under Mystery Tour

The Disability Movies website is a useful resource about the good, the bad and the ugly of the representation of disabled people in film.



Sources of Information

The website of the Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disability contains information about disability related legislation as well as reports, studies and other documents related to disabled people’s rights in Malta

The Academic Network of European Disability Experts provides information and reports about disability issues in EU member states.  

The Disability Archive UK is managed by the Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds and provides direct access to writings by disabled activists and allies.

The Foundation for IT Accessibility works towards ensuring access to ICT and to the Internet for disabled people in Malta.

The Centre for Disability Research at Lancaster University organizes a biennial Disability Studies Conference. Abstracts, presentations and papers from previous conferences can be obtained from the CeDR website.

The Nordic Network on Disability Research has regular posts on various disability issues. It also organizes a biennial disability studies conference in the Nordic countries.

The United Nations Enable website is the official website of the Secretariat for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The European Commission has a website dedicated to the rights of disabled people in the EU.

The Centre on Human Policy, Law and Disability Studies at Syracuse University, New York, has a website with links to various reports and publications.

The Center on Disability Studies at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa publishes the Review of Disability Studies, an open-access online journal. It also holds an annual Pacific Rim conference on disability.

The European Disability Forum is the representative organisation of disabled people and disabled people’s organisations in Europe.

Disabled People’s International is the international organisation that represents disabled people and disabled people’s organisations.

Inclusion Europe and Inclusion International work issues relevant for persons with intellectual disability and their families.

The European Union has a number of decentralized agencies which focus on specific tasks. Among these one finds the Fundamental Rights Agency and the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education.

Equinet is a network of independent equality bodies in Europe, among them the National Commission Persons with Disability.


Timetables 2019/20

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Stand alone Study unit - Application
DBS2004 : Sexuality and Disability
Participation in Campus FM
Dr Claire Azzopardi Lane and Ms Maria Victoria Gauci took part in Connect. Connect is a radio programme which is broadcasted by the Faculty for Social Wellbeing on Campus FM. 
Systematic Review of MA and LLD Dissertations
Systematic Review of MA and LLD Dissertations by Dr Lara Bezzina. November 2018
Tnedija tal-ktieb miktub mis-Sur Alfred Bezzina
Xejn Dwarna Minghajrna : 25 Sena ta' Hidma Fejjieda u Tibdil Radikali mill-Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b'Dizabilita' (1987 - 2013)
Premju Gustizzja Socjali
Ms Isabel Bonello
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