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Information on the Submission of a Research Ethics Proposal 

to the Social Wellbeing Faculty Research Ethics Committee (SWB FREC)

As from 1 December 2017, the procedure on how ethics is reviewed in research has been changed.  The new procedure is explained in the University of Malta Research Ethics Review Procedures found on the University Research Ethics Committee’s (UREC) website.  

Researchers are to follow the guidelines as outlined in the University of Malta Research Code of Practice also found on UREC’s website in the above mentioned link.

First, researchers are to download and fill in Form AUniversity of Malta Research Ethics and Data Protection Self-Assessment Form available here. This form should be signed by the researcher and the supervisor of the research.

In case the researcher needs to fill in Form B – the full Research Ethics Proposal Form, it can be downloaded from here. This form should be signed twice by the researcher and once by the supervisor of the research in the provided spaces on the Terms and Conditions page.

The first page of Form B has a checklist where one can find what other documents are needed besides the form itself. Information sheets/Recruitment letters are to be signed by the researcher, above his/her typed name at the end of the letter. Both the researcher and the supervisor are to sign the Consent forms, preferably in spaces provided specifically for these signatures.

Both Form A and/or Form B are to be submitted to FREC as a hard copy and also a soft scanned copy.

The hard copy needs to be submitted at FREC’s office (Room 113, Humanities A Building – Laws & Theology) between 08:00-12:15 and 13:30-16:45. The soft copy, which needs to be a scan of the hard copy as one single pdf document (Form A in one pdf and Form B in another pdf), should be sent by email.  Both the hard and scanned copies need to have all the necessary signatures in place and submitted by the stipulated deadlines.

The below are the deadline dates when Form A and/or Form B need to be submitted for FREC's consideration:

Wednesday 10 January 2018
Wednesday 7 February 2018
Wednesday 7 March 2018
Wednesday 11 April 2018
Wednesday 9 May 2018
Wednesday 6 June 2018
Wednesday 4 July 2018

The SWB FREC has two secretaries, Ms Charmaine Agius and Ms Marica Galea.  Each secretary will be receiving Form A and/or Form B from researchers according to the Department as follows:

Ms Charmaine Agius Ms Marica Galea
Department of Disability Studies
Department of Counselling
Department of Family Studies 
Department of Criminology
Department of Gender Studies
Department of Social Policy and Social Work
Department of Gerontology
Department of Youth and Community Studies
Department of Psychology

It is very important to note that a researcher needs to wait for ethical approval before starting the data collection.


The SWB FREC is made up of:   

Dr Katya De Giovanni (Chairperson)

Last Updated: 15 December 2017

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