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Information on the Submission of a Research Ethics Proposal 

to the Social Wellbeing Faculty Research Ethics Committee (SWB FREC) 

The procedures on how ethical issues are reviewed in research are explained in the University of Malta Research Ethics Review Procedures found on the University Research Ethics Committee’s (UREC) website.  

Researchers (also referred to as Principal Investigators (PIs)) are to follow the guidelines as outlined in the University of Malta Research Code of Practice also found on UREC’s website in the above-mentioned link.

The first step is to download and fill in the University of Malta Research Ethics and Data Protection Self-Assessment Form (Form A). The PI shall ensure that Form A is:

• adequately filled in;

• signed by the researcher or PI (and by the assigned supervisor when applicable); and

• accompanied by copies of relevant research materials, which could include the research proposal as approved by the respective Departments among other material (e.g. information sheets, consent forms, interview questions or questionnaires, tests, discussion guides, stimuli etc.). 

Form A shall be submitted to FREC for filing and audit purposes. Form A will indicate whether the PI shall progress to filling in Form B.

Form B is the full Research Ethics Proposal Form. The PI shall ensure to answer ALL the questions found in Form B. This form should be signed TWICE by the researcher and ONCE by the supervisor of the research in the provided spaces on the Terms and Conditions page.

The front page of Form B is a checklist where the PI shall indicate the documents submitted together with this form.  Information sheet/s or recruitment letter/s are to be signed by the PI.  Both the PI and the supervisor are to sign the Consent form/s, preferably in provided spaces. Consent forms should reflect the requirements indicated in the University of Malta Research Code of Practice.  Should copies of the Information sheet/s, Consent form/s or interview questions/questionnaires/tests be appended to Form B, then no copies should be appended to Form A.  The dissertation proposal is not needed if Form B is filled in.  It should be appended when Form A only is to be submitted. PIs and supervisors should ensure that the information on Forms A and B is adequately and coherently addressing all the questions in the respective forms to avoid any delays in the process.

The scanned copy of Form A and/or Form B, and any other relevant documents are to be submitted to FREC as a soft copy ONLY. The soft copy shall be of ONE SINGLE pdf document, preferably scanned in the following order:

If Form A only is to be submitted:

If Form A and Form B are to be submitted:

Form A

Information sheet/s or Recruitment letter/s

Consent form/s

Interview questions or questionnaires or tests

Research Proposal

Form A

Form B 

Information sheet/s or Recruitment letter/s

Consent form/s

Interview questions or questionnaires or tests

Permissions obtained 

The pdf document should be sent on FREC forms submitted on other email addresses will not be processed.  If there are any queries regarding the FREC form/s, the PIs are invited to contact FREC on the above-mentioned email address.  The PI will receive an automatic acknowledgement receipt.  Where FREC forms are submitted, the PI will be notified of the FREC Reference Number for the submitted form.  

The date below is the next deadline by when the Form/s should be submitted for FREC's consideration. Forms will be accepted till midnight (23:59) of the indicated date. Late submissions will be reviewed in subsequent FREC meetings. The deadlines for the following months will be issued in due course.

Wednesday 5 September 2018

It is very important to note that:

• PIs shall wait for ethical approval before starting the data collection when submitting Form B; and

• Any PIs and supervisors who, during FREC and/or UREC audits, are found to have breached the Research Code of Practice or have given untruthful replies in the forms, will have disciplinary measures taken against them by appropriate bodies within the University of Malta.

The SWB FREC is made up of:

Dr Trevor Calafato (Chairperson) – Department of Criminology

Dr Roberta Attard – Department of Counselling

Dr Claire Lucille Azzopardi Lane – Department of Disability Studies
Dr Christian Borg Xuereb – Department of Gerontology

Dr Andreana Dibben – Department of Social Policy & Social Work

Ms Ingrid M. Grech Lanfranco – Department of Family Studies
Dr Maria Pisani – Department of Youth & Community Studies

Dr Gordon Sammut – Department of Psychology


Last Updated: 23 August 2018

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