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N.B. This email is meant for those students who would like to submit their ethics proposal form for the first time to FREC or they have already submitted it but need to amend certain things and hence, need to re-submit to FREC. Those who have already got UREC's acceptance or are awaiting feedback from UREC are to disregard this email.

Please find below information regarding the submission of a research ethics proposal to the Social Wellbeing Faculty Research Ethics Committee (SWB FREC) and the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC).
Click here to download the ethics proposal form from UREC's website.
In this link, one can find:
  • Guidelines explaining the whole process and your responsibilities as a researcher;
  • The proposal form that you need to fill in entitled Form for Students; and
  • Guidelines on submitting proposals for students at the University of Malta.
The first page of the ethics proposal form has a checklist where you can find what other documents are needed besides the form itself.
Students are requested to submit both a hard copy and also a soft copy of their ethics proposal and relevant documents. 
The hard copy needs to be submitted either to Ms Charmaine Agius or Ms Marica Galea at our office (Room 113, Humanities A Building (Laws) between 07:30-13:00 (till 30 September) and between 07:45-12:15 and 13:30-16:45 (from 1 October onwards).

The soft copy, which needs to be a scan of the hard copy as a single pdf document, should be sent to us via this email. (It is important that from now on, this email address is used for SWB FREC/UREC related matters.)

Both the hard and scanned copies need to have all the necessary signatures in place and submitted by the stipulated deadlines.
Signatures are needed as follows:
  • the student's (twice) and the supervisor's (once) on the Terms and Conditions page of the UREC form in the provided boxes;
  • the student's on the information sheet/recruitment letter, above the student's name which should be typed at the end of the letter; and
  • both the student's and the supervisor's on the consent form, preferably in spaces provided specifically for both these signatures.
Click here to view the deadline dates when ethics proposals need to be submitted for FREC's consideration during 2017/18.

It is important to note that first, your ethics proposal is reviewed by FREC. Amendments might be requested by FREC until it is accepted. Once accepted by FREC, the documentation is sent to UREC for their decision. Amendments may also be requested by UREC until they give their final acceptance. This process may take at least two months or even more. Before approval is given by UREC, you cannot start collecting your data. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information/clarifications.

Last Updated: 23 August 2017

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