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Public Lecture - 25 October 2017

The Gender Issues Committee and the Department of Gender Studies will be hosting a session on Women in Science titled ‘From folding to FRS: Navigating a career in science’

Speaker: Dr Sheena Radford

Venue: Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences (MAKS), Room 414, University of Malta

Date: Wednesday 25 October 2017

Time: 14:00 till 15:00

For full details click here

About the Speaker:
Professor Sheena Radford is director of the Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology at the University of Leeds for Structural Molecular Biology.  She is interested in how proteins are able to fold and assemble into complex functional entities and how protein misfolding can lead to cellular dysfunction and disease, such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. One of her other interests activities is to promote Women in Science.
Professor Sheena Radford obtained a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Birmingham and a PhD at the University of Cambridge.  She joined the University of Leeds in 1995, became Professor in 2000, Director of the Astbury Centre in 2012 and Astbury Professor of Biophysics in 2013.
Sheena's leading research into protein dynamics and its role in human diseases has been recognised by numerous awards including Fellowships of the Royal Society, the Academy of Medical Sciences, the European Molecular Biology Organisation, the American Biophysical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Sheena has published 270 papers, given 360 invited lectures at national and international meetings, supervised 100 postdoctoral researchers and PhD students and serves on many national and international committees.

17 Oct 2017 

Public Lecture - 9 November 2017

The Department of Gender Studies in conjunction with The Department of Disability Studies will be hosting a public lecture entitled “Fleshing Out the Self: Notes on the Flesh’’.

Speaker: Dr Shahd Alshammari 

Venue: Old Humanities building room OH 116, University of Malta

Date: Thursday 9th November 2017

Time: 10:00 till 12:00

For full details click here

About the Speaker:

Dr Shahd Alshammari holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Kent in England. She currently teaches Literature and Women’s Studies in Kuwait. Her main research areas are Disability and Women’s Studies.  Her work sheds light on the struggles facing those conflicted over cultural traditions, societal norms and modernity. She has published in academic and creative writing journals such as Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies, Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, Pomona Valley Review and The Barefoot Review. ‘Notes on the Flesh’ is Dr Alshammari’s first collection of short stories.

13 Oct 2017 

Film Screening - 22 August 2017

The Department of Gender Studies together with the U.S. Embassy in Malta cordially invites you to a film screening of Hidden Figures to celebrate Women's Equality Day.

The movie tells the story of women who overcame bias and bigotry to achieve great things.  Join us on Tuesday, August 22 at 6:30pm at the U.S. Embassy in Ta’ Qali.  

Book your seats by sending an email to giving full names and ID card numbers of those attending.  Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.  See the poster for details

For full details click here.

04 Aug 2017 

Seminar for practitioners - 30 June 2017

The Department of Gender Studies will be hosting a seminar for practitioners entitled “Absent-presence: the on-going impact of men's violence on the mother-child relationship’’.

Speaker: Dr. Ravi Thiara – University of Warwick, UK

Venue:    LC118 Dun Mikiel Xerri Lecture Centre (LC) - University of Malta 

Date: Friday 30 June 2017

Time: 10:00 till 12:00

For full details click here.

15 Jun 2017 

Public Lecture - 3 July 2017

The Department of Gender Studies will be hosting a public lecture entitled “Breaking the Silence and Shame of Abuse through Writing for Therapeutic Purposes’’.

Speakers:  Dr. Ravi Thiara – University of Warwick, UK
                     Prof. Jeannie Wright – University of Malta

Venue: VC HALL 101 IT Services Building - University of Malta  

Date: Monday 3 July 2017

Time: 10:00 till 12:00

For full details click here.

About the speakers:

Dr. Ravi Thiara is a Principal Research Fellow and Director of the Centre for the Study of Safety and Well-being (SWELL) at the University of Warwick, UK. She has been involved in research, policy and practice development on violence against women and children for the last 28 years and has carried out this work at a national and international level. Ravi has published widely, including ‘Violence against Women in South Asian Communities: Issues for Policy and Practice’ (2010); ‘Disabled Women and Domestic Violence: Responding to the Experiences of Survivors’ (2012); ‘Violence Against Women and Ethnicity: Commonalities and Differences Across Europe’ (2011); and ‘Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls: Educational work with children and young people’ (2014).

Assoc. Prof Jeannie Wright has taught and developed practice-based research in counselling and writing for therapeutic purposes in seven different universities in Europe, the South Pacific and NZ. 
A list of some of her publications is available on the University of Malta Counselling Programme website.

15 Jun 2017 

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Film Screening ''The Help"
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