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Newspaper Articles

Kindly click the following titles to view the whole articles written by Dr Andrew Azzopardi:


Dare to speak (published on 16/03/16)

Civil Society Calling (published on 13/04/16)

Teenage Pregnancies - not all doom and gloom (published on 25/05/16)

We need to gather around the fire (published on 22/06/16)

We speak the same language - Dean Maureen Cole (published on 29/06/16)

We need to be more structured, more efficient - psychiatrist Nigel Camilleri (published on 06/07/16)

They've graduated! (published on 13/07/16) 

Al di la` (published on 20/07/16)

Let's Connect (published on 27/07/16)

Is family a crime promoter? (published on 03/08/16)

Young people are no pushovers - Miriam Teuma (published on 10/08/16)

Not in the Ivory Tower (published on 07/09/16)

Budgeting for Social Wellbeing (published on 12/10/16)

We will not beg! - Psychiatrist David Mamo (published on 19/10/16)

Last Updated: 25 October 2016

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