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COURSE TITLE Master of Arts in Disability Studies (Preparatory Programme)







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2 Semesters

Part-time Day


Maria Victoria Gauci

This preparatory programme is for health and social care professionals in possession of a Diploma qualification and is intended to enable them to obtain the necessary credentials that would make them eligible to enrol on the MA in Disability Studies course in the future.

Disability Studies know their origins from within the Disabled People’s Movement and has grown to become an interdisciplinary academic field in its own right. Along the years academics and researchers from various disciplines gave their contributions from different perspectives, namely, sociology, social policy, psychology, economics, law, communication studies, family studies, rehabilitation studies and many more.

Most of the applicants with a Diploma will tend to come from the Health and Social Care Professions and will bring with them a strong profile with respect to clinical experience. The preparatory program will therefore serve to offer them newer perspectives on contemporary issues related to research and other subjects on the MA Disability Studies course.

The programme is based on subjects that open new perspectives to these applicants, moving them away from the medical model view of disability and preparing them for a more social model view of disability; away from subjects mainly focused on health care to subjects which are the foundations of disability studies, namely, sociology, social policy, psychology, philosophy, anthropology and the experiential aspect given by disabled persons and their families.
LEARNING OUTCOMES Students successfully completing the Preparatory Program should :

- Demonstrate that they have acquired the fundamentals of psychology and sociology
- Show that they have gained a basic knowledge of research methods that are used in the social sciences
- Be able to distinguish between the medical model generally used in the training of healthcare professions and the social model/human rights approach that is used as a basis in disability studies
- Demonstrate that they have obtained basic knowledge and different perspectives of the various disability issues that people with disabilities are faced with in their daily lives
- Show that they are able to appreciate the value of an inclusive society where all are equal.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AND ACCESS TO FURTHER STUDY Whilst the Preparatory programme does not lead directly to obtaining a degree, it makes it possible for students to apply for the MA Disability Studies Course intended to open in October 2014. It will open new horizons which, together with their clinical experience, will give these professionals the knowledge and skills to act as advocates in disabled people’s fight for their rights, not only in the healthcare field but any other field which brings them in contact with disabled people.
COURSE INTENDED FOR This preparatory programme is intended for health and social care professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and others who hold a Diploma in their respective profession together with a minimum of ten years of relevant work experience and who are interested in enrolling on the MA Disability Studies Course offered by this same Unit.
The Course shall be open to applicants in possession of the following qualifications:

(a) a Diploma in Health Science from this University in any of the following areas of study: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Podiatry, or in any other area deemed relevant by the Board, together with a minimum of ten years of relevant work experience or

(b) a professional qualification deemed by Senate to be comparable to the qualification indicated in paragraph (a), together with a minimum of ten years of relevant work experience

provided that applicants admitted under paragraphs (a) and (b) shall have successfully sat for an interview, during which they shall be required to provide written and employer-corroborated evidence of clinical practice and other relevant qualifications obtained following completion of the diploma course.

The admission requirements are applicable for courses commencing in October 2017.

For more detailed information pertaining to admission and progression requirements please refer to the bye-laws for the course available here.




Last Updated: 29 September 2017
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