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The Department of Psychology at the University of Malta was officially set up within the Faculty of Arts in October 1988. It first offered a three year B.A. (Gen.) degree with Psychology as a main area followed by a four year Honours degree in Psychology. In 1992, the Department of Psychology was moved from the Faculty of Arts to the Faculty of Education, and it started offering the present B.Psy. (Hons). It continued offering the B.A. (General) in Psychology as well. The Department also offered the Programme for Inclusive Education which offers a Diploma in Inclusive Education on a regular basis. In 2003 a Master's degree in Psychology (M.Psy.) was started, offering three different streams: Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology and Educational Psychology. In 2009, a part-time B.A. course was offered one time only by the Department at the Gozo Campus, while in 2011 it started a one year full-time Higher Diploma in Psychology. The Department was instrumental in the introduction of Intermediate Psychology at post secondary education in Malta in 2012. In 2012 the Department became part of the newly established Faculty for Social Wellbeing. The present Head is Dr Greta Darmanin Kissaun

Presently the Department is offering the B.Psy. (Hons), the Higher Diploma in Psychology, the M.Psy., and the B.A./B.Communication/ B.A. Theology with Psychology as a major Area of Study. There are about 70 students following the B.Psy. Hons every year, about 150 the programmes with Psychology as an Area of Study, 20 the Higher Diploma in Psychology, and 12 the M.Psy.

The Department also services several other departments and faculties by providing basic and applied psychology courses. It has also links with foreign universities and institutions both in Malta and abroad. Besides providing teaching and training of psychologists, it contributes to the training of other professions. The Department is also committed to undertake high quality research which addresses the needs of Maltese society, and it organises an annual Psychological Research Conference. It also seeks to conduct research with partners in other universities and publish in international journals.

There are nine full-time resident academics with the Department with a host of other part time staff in specialised areas of expertise. Most of the lecturers in the Department have studied at the University of Malta and then followed postgraduate and doctoral studies in prestigious universities abroad. The staff is committed to:

  • providing high calibre, culturally sensitive and relevant, psychology education at an undergraduate, post-graduate and post-qualification level, including professional training in the various fields of psychology; there are plans to open new courses in other fields of psychology as well as doctoral research programmes
  • conducting research and publishing works in the various areas and fields in psychology, with a particular reference to the Maltese cultural context
  • organising seminars, workshops and conferences for the public
  • offering consultation to, and cooperating and networking with, governmental, non-governmental agencies, professional associations and service users, both locally and abroad
  • developing international links with universities and academics in the same fields.
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