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Part-timers / Dissertation Return Sheet


All members of staff who are employed with the University of Malta, Psychology Department on a part-time bases and do not have a Tpost, or who have been selected as Readers/Chairs/Supervisors for undergraduate dissertations but do not have permanent employment with the University of Malta need to fill the appropriate Form. Forms for dissertation payments can be found here.


All forms need to be signed by the Head of Department. Part-time members of staff are asked to bring a copy of the Form to the Psychology Office Rm. 215 for our records before handing it in at the office of Human Resources. Copies need not be signed, but signature is preferred.


Dissertations Readers/Chairs/Supervisors; Additional instructions

It is very important that you specify the following details on your form as well as following the Return Sheet's instructions:

1) Please make sure to write down the number of words in the dissertations (11,000) on your sheet

2) Please write down whether you were a Reader/Chair/Supervisor of the dissertation

3) Please make sure to write down that the dissertation you were Reader/Chair/Supervisor for was of undergraduate level for the course Bachelors in Psychology.

4) Please write down the number of dissertations you are a Reader/Chair/Supervisor for.



Return Sheet


Please follow the instructions on the webpage and form so that you may receive your payments timely.


Should you be unable to download this form, please visit our office in Room 215 Old Humanities Building.


Contact details of your course Co-ordinators for your information.
(Staff) Payment Return Sheet
Return sheet to be filled in with working hours for part-time members of staff who do not have a Tpost or who have read a dissertation.
Last Updated: 28 June 2013

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