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Small States & Territories (SST) is a gold libre open access journal that does not charge subscription or submission fees. It is totally accessible at no cost to readers all over the world who have access to an internet connection. The work that goes into the production of every issue of SST is carried out by personnel of the Islands and Small States Institute of the University of Malta and by scholars who volunteer in the peer review process.

Nevertheless, the journal is subject to specific operational and periodic expenses. There are expenses connected with the journal's inclusion in international indexes, and mailing books for review purposes. The journal's website needs to be maintained.

We also wish to build a modest scholarship fund to part-support student participation at suitable conferences dealing with small states and/or territories.

We thus invite authors to make a voluntary donation, along with the submission of their manuscript.

To make a donation, please submit the application form below.

Donations are not refundable. Receipts will be issued by the editor.

Contact the editor should you wish to discuss the journal's donations policy.