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The work of scholarly journals, and the pursuit of academic excellence generally, fully depend on the good will of academic colleagues to peer-review scholarly work. For those scholars who accept to act as peer reviewers for Small States & Territories (SST), thank you, personally and on behalf of journal, for your attention and time in facilitating the review process.

For those who accept to undertake reviews for SST, a report would be expected within 4-5 weeks of the forwarding of the manuscript to be reviewed. Please send your report to the SST Executive Editor by email to only.

Your report should be concise, critically highlighting both the merits and limitations of the manuscript, with a clear indication of whether the manuscript is considered to be:

  1. fit for publication
  2. fit to be reviewed again after major revisions (in which case, further peer review may be required)
  3. publishable after minor revisions (in which case, these may be reviewed by the editor)
  4. OR unfit for publication.

In any case, explain your judgement, and keep in mind that your message will be sent - anonymously but without editing - to the manuscript's author(s) – also by e-mail.

Kindly note that Small States & Territories encourages a cross-disciplinarity for the sake of providing more comprehensive and holistic assessments of the conditions and issues impacting on small states and territories. This means that both the authors of manuscript submissions and SST target audiences may not be nested in strict disciplinary confines.

Clarity of expression and effectiveness of communication are essential. As a reviewer, should you wish to submit detailed annotated comments alongside the text of the manuscript, for forwarding to the author(s), these are also welcome – but, in this case, set your computer identifier to ‘reviewer’ (Choose ‘File’, then ‘Properties’ from your Microsoft Word©® pull-down menu) - in order to maintain anonymity.

To obtain samples of SST peer review reports, contact the SST Executive Editor at


Prof. Godfrey Baldacchino

Executive Editor 

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