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Routledge have agreed to launch a new book series in 2020 dedicated to the study of small states. The 'small state studies' series is planned to curate and publish at least 10 monographs over a ten-year period.

The news comes after a bid to edit such a book series was put together by Godfrey Baldacchino (University of Malta, Malta), Anna-Lena Hogenauer (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg) and Nicos Trimikliniotis (University of Nicosia, Cyprus).

In their successful submission, the three scholars argued how the world is replete with small states; and yet the orientation to acknowledge, discuss and critique the condition of small size and small scale is not yet a mainstream pursuit. 

This book series will provide an excellent opportunity and platform for NUSCT- affiliated scholars and researchers to consider authoring or editing a text that examines a particular condition - diplomacy, international relations, public administration, governance,  policy making, the state of tertiary education, migration ... - from a small state lens and perspective.

Call for Papers
Special section on ‘Small States and the Corona Crisis’ in Small States & Territories, 4(1), May 2021.
New Book Series with Routledge
A book series dedicated to the study of small states is to be launched in 2020...
Submission of Manuscripts
Manuscripts to be considered for publication in Small States and Territories are now being accepted...
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SST acquires its ISSN
SST now has its ISSN:        2616-8006
Last Updated: 20 December 2019

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