List of co-ordinators

List of co-ordinators

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Faculty of Arts 
Ms Doreen Attard

Faculty for the Built Environment
Ms Jacqueline Deguara

Faculty of Dental Surgery
Ms Jessica Cassar

Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy
Ms Stephanie Abood

Faculty of Education
Mr David Pisani

Faculty of Engineering
Mr Michael Spiteri

Faculty of Health Sciences
Ms Anne Marie Debono Hollyoak

Faculty of ICT
Ms Nathalie Cauchi

Faculty of Laws
Mr Brandon Lee Caruana
Ms Rowena Leontijevic

Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences
Ms Giovanna Maria Zammit
Mr Ayrton Deguara

Faculty of Medicine & Surgery
Ms Sandra Montebello

Faculty of Science
Ms Marvic Cuschieri

Faculty of Social Wellbeing
Ms Alison Darmanin 

Faculty of Theology
Ms Annabelle Camilleri
Mr James Bonnici       


International Institute for Baroque Studies
Mr Gianluca Mercieca Valletta

Institute for Climate Change & Sustainable Development
Ms Romina Zammit

Confucius Institute
Ms Jacqueline Theuma

Institute of Digital Games
Mr Jasper Schellekens

Institute of Earth Systems
Ms Rosette Zarb
Ms Sharon Cross

Institute for European Studies
Ms Corinne Fenech

Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology
Ms Victoria Sciberras Herrera

Institute of Maltese Studies
Ms Anne Yousif Patiniott

Institute for Physical Education & Sport
Ms Mariette Diacono 
Ms Chanise Debattista

Institute of Public Administration & Management
Ms Charmaine Pace

Institute for Space Science & Astronomy
Mr Robert Grech

Institute for Sustainable Energy
Mr Aaron Grech

The Edward Debono Institute for the Design & Development of Thinking
Ms Josianne Sciberras

Institute for Tourism, Travel & Culture
Ms Mirielle Stubbings
Ms Elisa Attard

Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies
Mr Simon Bajada



School of Performing Arts
Mr Stefan Sacco