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The Students' Charter [PDF] is a document outlining your relationship with the University, developed through a process of consultation between the University of Malta and the University Students’ Council (KSU). It has been created to encourage the principle of partnership amongst staff and students alike. Commitment to this goal will foster a lively and constructive interaction and enhance your life experience at the University.

The Students’ Charter outlines the unique relationship between the University and its students as equal stakeholders in higher education. It illustrates the entitlements and responsibilities of both, as well as provides a framework for the University to develop and improve its services, where appropriate.

A group of University studentsAmong students and staff, the Charter promotes a spirit of courtesy, acceptance, consideration and teamwork. It values academic freedom, seeks equality of opportunity and encourages students to become involved in debates and decision-making at all levels. 

Where necessary, the Charter refers to relevant Policies, Prospectuses, Codes of Practice and Regulations wherein further information can be obtained. Thus the Students' Charter is also intended to complement other documents.

It is expected that the Students' Charter will develop over time, reflecting changing circumstances and improved quality in services and facilities. Hence, it will be reviewed regularly in line with University’s quality assurance policies.

A partnership implies benefits and responsibilities on both sides. To make the partnership viable, students need to make their own personal commitment to the learning process while the University will state what it sees as its commitments. In this same spirit, the University Students’ Council (KSU) is also stating its commitment towards you and towards the University.  

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Further Assistance
Students who have sought the help of KSU representatives and need further assistance, may refer their problem ...
Last Updated: 4 August 2015

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