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KSU's Responsibilities
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KSU will:
  1. represent you, your interests and concerns on a University, national and international level
  2. act as a liaison between you and the University authorities, including queries and complaints
  3. foster an educational, social and cultural conscience at University
  4. work so that the University will provide the highest level of education possible and awards that are universally recognised
  5. promote the elections for the KSU executive and those for student representatives on the Boards of Faculties, Institutes and Centres,  University Council and University Senate and encourage students to take part in these elections
  6. promote the complete development of the student through participation within KSU structures as well as within the various Senate recognised student organisations
  7. engage in constructive dialogue with University and other stake-holders for the benefit of both the students and the institution
  8. foster democratic and ethical principles within its own structures and its work
  9. be directly accountable to the student body
  10. make sure that students are informed of the existence of this Charter and that it is readily available to students. It will also monitor the implementation and adherence to this charter.

Further Assistance
Students who have sought the help of KSU representatives and need further assistance, may refer their problem ...
Last Updated: 25 July 2011

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