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The Students' Responsibilities
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As a student you are expected to …
  1. take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to you in the form of lectures, tutorials, group projects etc, as well as extra-curricular activities
  2. take responsibility for your own academic progress, be a self-motivated and self-directed learner and familiarise yourself with the requirements you must meet to complete your academic programme
  3. submit original, referenced work which is your own and never resort to cheating, plagiarism, collusion and fabrication or falsification of data. For further information go to:
    Plagiarism and Collusion Guidelines
    How to avoid Plagiarism
    University Assessment Regulations
  4. give due recognition to tutors and other entities who have contributed to the work on which your publication/dissertation/thesis  is based
  5. access your University of Malta email account daily, as well as eSIMS, departmental notice boards / websites on a regular basis
  6. meet course work deadlines, and other specific course requirements
  7. comply with all University legislation, regulations and bye-laws published on the University website,  including those contained in the University handbooks and course-catalogues
  8. attend all classes for the study-units of your programme and engage with other students and teaching staff in intellectual debate and enquiry
  9. collect and have in your possession all necessary resources, as indicated in programmes of study and by individual lecturers (including required bibliographies and notes) so as to gain maximum benefit from your course of studies
  10. undertake any preliminary reading or other academic preparation required by the study-units you are registered for
  11. treat University staff and fellow students with openness, honesty, respect and courtesy, in all types of interactions, both in face-to-face interaction, on e-mails and other internet facilities
  12. take an active role in the promotion of an environment free from harassment and discrimination;
  13. appreciate the services, facilities and resources the University provides. You are expected to make proper use of them at all times with respect and consideration for all other users
  14. take an active role in the promotion of a sustainable and healthy environment
  15. provide honest and fair feedback about University staff and procedures
  16. consider yourself a member of an active student body through your support of, and participation in, various organisations. You are encouraged to attend the General Meetings of the recognised student representative body and any other organisation you may form part of
  17. vote in the election for your representatives on Council, Senate, Boards of Faculties, Institutes and Centres, the recognised student representative body, and your Faculty, Institute or Centre organisation/s
  18. recognise the legitimacy of and co-operate with student representative organisations and individuals elected with a mandate to represent students;
  19. provide information and opinion to the students who represent you and give them your encouragement and support
  20. make proper use of any maintenance grants and allowances you might be entitled to (including stipend and smart card)
  21. set an appointment with the Head of Department or Dean,  if you feel a lecturer or a fellow student is treating you unfairly, or contact KSU
  22. present the views of your colleagues fairly and constructively, attend Board meetings and the KSU Education Commission meetings regularly if you are a student representative
  23. be informed and participate on issues of national and international importance.

Further Assistance
Students who have sought the help of KSU representatives and need further assistance, may refer their problem ...
Last Updated: 4 August 2015

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