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The University will strive to …

  1. provide accurate information and advice about its courses to enable you to make an informed choice. It will also inform you about other facilities and services provided
  2. ensure that any diploma and degree programme opening for students has been previously approved by Senate
  3. admit students on the sole criterion of academic merit without discrimination
  4. provide a high quality of education, including a high quality of teaching, supervision, curriculum and study-unit content
  5. periodically review its quality assurance policies, practices and structures in order to retain and improve high academic standards
  6. ensure that administrative procedures do not obstruct the pursuit of higher education
  7. make every effort to increase resources in order to eliminate the necessity of numerus clausus which shall not be imposed unless justified by a severe lack of resources
  8. 8 facilitate all aspects of life on campus for people with disabilities by removing  structural and administrative obstacles, whilst complying with existing legal obligations. The University will provide access arrangements to students with disabilities, according to their needs and in line with the Guidelines “The University of Malta Access Arrangements 2013” approved by Senate
  9. create a formative milieu free of any discrimination against the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual. As a member of the University community, you will be treated fairly and ethically with respect and dignity
  10. offer professional counselling services to students
  11. involve students in the decision-making process regarding academic matters and all other aspects of student life. This will be achieved through adequate representation on University bodies and other fora, as per University statutes and regulations. The University also encourages the systematic feedback and evaluation of student opinion on academic and administrative roles of university departments and other entities
  12. respect your right to be democratically represented on its boards through your vote for student representatives, as per University statutes and regulations. Such representation can also take place through nomination by a recognised student/university body
  13. recognise the legitimate representative role of the University Students’ Council (KSU) and of the respective student organisations. The University also acknowledges and appreciates the work of other Senate-recognised student organisations
  14. fully respect the independence and autonomy of student associations within the parameters set by Senate and Council; students may join such organisations to participate in the  development and diffusion of social, cultural and religious activities
  15. guarantee the right of every student, notwithstanding the existence of formal representation, to convey personal or collective opinion to the University Authorities
  16. maintain independent and impartial procedures for dealing justly with appeals, harassment, complaints and redress
  17. provide accurate and up to date information about its statutes, regulations, bye-laws, courses, methods of assessment, methods of teaching, attendance requirements and services that are provided. This information is available online:
    University Assessment Regulations
  18. address properly any appeal which you may wish to make with regards to your assessment as follows: (i) in case of a disputed grade, provide you with the opportunity to discuss your performance with the lecturer/ examiner if s/he consents; (ii) you may also request a revision of paper by an additional examiner within one-week of the publication of the result. Further information is available online [PDF]. 
  19. ensure that your results are published within a reasonable prescribed time period which is approximately mid-April for the first semester and mid-August for the second semester
  20. handle your records and personal information ethically and confidentially in line with present legislation. You will also have the right to view your own records of academic progress on e-Sims to enable you to improve the quality and level of your learning
  21. further promote the national and international recognition of the academic qualifications it bestows
  22. encourage and enable you to benefit from exchange programmes and mobility and assist you wherever possible
  23. recognise your intellectual property and copyright in line with its policies and legislation
  24. provide a safe environment, including facilities, equipment, grounds and first-aid services
  25. ensure that no statute, bye-law, regulation, policy or administrative guidelines will have a retrospective effect when such decisions effect adversely students rights
  26. allow you, in line with its regulations and bye-laws, to suspend your studies to gain work experience, further research or personal development in Malta or overseas, provided there are no valid and justifiable grounds which would require otherwise
  27. establish a sub-committee of Senate for the purposes of reviewing and implementing this Charter
  28. ensure that students and members of staff are informed of the existence of this Charter and that copies of it are readily available to all.

Further Assistance
Students who have sought the help of KSU representatives and need further assistance, may refer their problem ...
Last Updated: 4 August 2015

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