At your own pace

The University of Malta’s Programme in the Liberal Arts and Sciences (PLAS) is an excellent opportunity for personal and professional development. Prospective students may apply for any and as many Units as they wish from the broad range of PLAS Units on offer. PLAS Units consist of weekly evening lectures between 18:00 and 20:00, normally spread over 14 weeks.

Seventeen Units will be offered in Semester 2 of 2018/19, commencing in February 2019. The subjects covered include Criminology, Mediterranean Food Culture, Soundscapes, Plant Pests, Marketing, Aesthetics, Beekeeping, Spanish Art and Culture, Disability Issues, Psychology of Group Dynamics, Dark Tourism, and others.

Two PLAS Tech Units are also being offered. The rationale of these Units is to respond to the need for ICT professionals to enrich their academic education with focused expertise on a selection of current and emerging software technologies and tools. In the next semester, Units on Video Game Design and Development with Unity, and Software Test Automation and Continuous Integration are being offered. PLAS Tech Units are included in the Get Qualified scheme.

Applications for PLAS Units are now being received through the website of the Centre for the Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS). More information on individual Units and application fees can also be found on the Centre for the Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) website. The application deadline is 22 January 2019.

Contact the Centre for Liberal Arts and Sciences for more details.