At your own pace

This Programme in the Liberal Arts and Sciences (PLAS) allows the flexibility of studying at your own pace by registering for any and as many Units as you wish. Each Unit consists of around 28 hours of lectures, normally held between 18:00 and 20:00 and spread over 14 weeks.

Units on offer include subjects such as Malta’s Archaeology, Geography, Law, Dante, Psychology, History of Art, Russian Opera, and Blockchain Technology. A number of specialised PLAS Tech Units in areas of ICT, such as Java Development, 3D Modeling, and Smart Contract Programming are also being offered.

PLAS attracts both first-time students and graduates seeking opportunities for personal as well as professional development. Information on individual units and application fees can be found on the Centre for the Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) website.

Contact the Centre for Liberal Arts and Sciences for more details.