Beating Hearts Malta Cardiovascular Research Scholarship

We're inviting a postgraduate student to work on a research project, coordinated by the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, related to cardiovascular disease, in particular focussing on congenital and/or inherited cardiac diseases.

All this by means of a scholarship originating from the non-profit organisation Beating Hearts Malta (BHM), facilitated by the Research, Innovation & Development Trust (RIDT) and the Doctoral School at UM. The scholarship is intended to support students who have clear goals for their future and applicants are expected to explain how they believe doctoral research will allow them to shape their plans after graduation.

The selected candidate is expected to enrol in the University of Malta’s Ph.D. programme and conduct research in cardiovascular disease. The award is for a maximum of three years for full-time studies (or six years for part-time studies) and can be taken up as soon as Senate at UM approves the Ph.D. application based on the recommendations received by the Faculty Board (Medicine & Surgery) and the Doctoral Academic Committee.

This scholarship shall provide a maximum of €25,000 to cover University bench fees and other expenses related to the research but will not cover the annual enrolment fee.


Submit your letter of application, together with a copy of their curriculum vitae and a scanned copy of your certificates, via email to the Doctoral School at UM. Make sure you declare any special attributes and accomplishments for which you think you deserve this scholarship.

The application deadline is 30 September 2020. Late applications will not be considered. 

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