Admission to JC - October 2020

Admission to JC - October 2020

Admission to the Junior College (JC) - October 2020

latest update: 29.04.2020

You must be in possession of six passes in the Secondary Education Certificate (SEC)  at Grade 5 or better or at Level 3 (as awarded in July 2020). The subjects must include: Maltese, English Language, Mathematics and at least one of the following: Physics, Chemistry or Biology. If you are in possession of these qualifications, you will be accepted as a regular student. 
For this year only, if you obtain at least any three of the six passes required, you will be accepted as a probationary student. JC will help you make a sound decision on whether to join the course depending on your actual qualifications. However, you will be the one to decide whether to join as a probationary student or not.
If you missed your school's mock examinations for any reason you will still be eligible to sit for the September 2020 session if you had registered for the same subject/s in the Main Session. However, should you obtain at least three subjects, each one at Level 3, in your Secondary School Certificate and Profile (SSC&P) or in your DQSE MQF Award, for this year only, the JC will admit you as a student until the September results are published in November 2020. Should you obtain at least 3 passes at Grade 5 or better in any subject, you will be able to continue the course as a probationary student. Otherwise you will be withdrawn from the course.
This means that you would be required to be successfully promoted to Year II on the basis of your College results and performance in Year I; otherwise, you will need to re-join Year I but with full entry requirements (i.e. passes in six and not just in three subjects).
You will either have to obtain the missing passes in the new September 2020 session or be successfully promoted to the Second Year of the course.
Yes, JC will accept comparable overseas qualifications for admission as a regular or (for this year only) probationary student.
Yes. These passes are required for admission to the University of Malta, even though you might have obtained the Matriculation Certificate.
Both Year I and continuing students of Year II will commence lectures on 19 October 2020, provided the national health authorities do not advise a postponement of the date.

A note for students with a disability
Prospective students whose qualifications fall short of those required due to a significant disability may submit a request to the Admissions Board who, on the advice of the Access Disability Support Committee (ADSC), will consider each application on its own merit.

Access further details on the Junior College website.