Admission to UM - October 2020

Admission to UM - October 2020

Admission to the University of Malta (UM) - October 2020

latest update: 08.06.2020

If you have registered for at least one examination (at Advanced or Intermediate Level) taking place in 2020 there is no need to apply now.  You will be able to submit an online application between 1 and 23 July at 14:00. Your personal details will be available and the University will obtain your results from the MATSEC Board once the Board publishes the results in November. There will be no need to inform the University of such results.

Applications for some courses are accepted according to extended late deadlines in August and September. Please refer to additional information on the University Admissions website.
If you have registered for Advanced/Intermediate Level examinations taking place in 2020 you shall be receiving a letter at your home address from the MATSEC Board in April which will include a username and a password.  You should use this username and password when submitting an online application for admission in July.

On the other hand, if you will be registering for Advanced/Intermediate Level examinations during the May registration period, and shall be applying for a course at UM commencing in October 2020, you shall be receiving the username and password at a later stage.
Most of the courses at UM are planned to commence on 19 October 2020, provided the national health authorities do not advise a postponement of the date.

However, courses which have Special Course Requirements (SCR) that need to be obtained in One Sitting (that is, Doctor of Medicine and Surgery and Master of Dental Surgery) or those which accept only a limited number of students will commence on 9 November 2020.
You will be admitted to the course as a probationary student.
No. Your status will change to that of a regular student if, having received your Matriculation results in November 2020, you satisfy UM’s entry requirements.
You may continue with your first year studies as a probationary student as long as you obtain at least 36 points in your Matriculation Certificate by the first sitting of September 2020. As a probationary student, you will be required to complete successfully the first year of the course and obtain all the 60 ECTS credits in the programme of study by the September 2021 resit session. If so, you will proceed to the second year as a regular student. Alternatively, you may decide to resit in December 2020 the Matriculation subjects in which you did not obtain the required grade. If you are successful and thereby achieve the 44 points required for the Matriculation Certificate, including (where needed) any Special Course Requirements, your status will change to a regular student.  This reply does not apply to the MD, MDS and courses which accept only a limited number of students.
A regular student will be allowed to progress conditionally to the second year of the course if they fail to obtain not more than 12 ECTS credits of the 60 ECTS credits by the September 2021 resit session. The student will need to re-take examinations in the failed study-units during the second year. On the other hand, a probationary student will not be able to progress to the second year if they fail to obtain the required 60 ECTS credits by the September 2021 resit session and will be withdrawn from the course.
If, by the end of the first year of the Course, probationary students do not successfully complete all the requirements to progress unconditionally to the second year, they shall be required to withdraw from the Course and shall neither be entitled to a repeat year nor to an extension year nor to progress to the next year of studies conditionally. If students would wish to rejoin the same course the following October, they would only be able to do this if they satisfy the General and the Special Course Requirements in full.  Applicants are admitted as probationary students once only.
Only those applicants sitting for at least one Advanced or Intermediate Level examination in 2020 may benefit from this concession.
No. The Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (MD) course, the Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) course, and courses that accept a limited number of students (capped courses) will only accept applicants who are fully qualified. This means that applicants for these courses would need to satisfy both the General Entry Requirements and the Special Course Requirements by the first sitting of September 2020.
Should vacant places in the following courses remain available following the selection of fully qualified applicants, probationary students will be considered for selection and will be placed in rank order according to the selection criteria:
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Early Childhood Education and Care (Top-up)
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Biomedical Science
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Radiography
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sport and Physical Activity
These courses are scheduled to start on 9 November 2020 following the publication of Matriculation results.
Yes. You will start your course on 19 October 2020 and may proceed to the end of the first year as a probationary student, if you so decide. However, you may use the December 2020 resit session in order to obtain the missing SCR/s; by so doing, you will become a regular student. This does not apply to courses with limited number of students or to those that require SCRs to be obtained in One Sitting.
Applicants for the MD course will not be admitted as probationary students and hence need to be fully qualified by the first sitting in September 2020. Applications for persons presenting local qualifications must be submitted by 23 July at 14:00 and no late applications will be accepted.
In such a case, students should start attending the lectures for their second preference course. Once the MATSEC results are published, in the case of courses with limited numbers, applicants should allow a few days for the ranking process to take place. If the outcome for the first preference course is positive, applicants should start attending lectures for their first preference. MD applicants who become fully qualified (satisfying both the General Entry Requirements and the Special Course Requirements) in September 2020 may start attending lectures without waiting for the letter of acceptance.
All the information regarding the Students' Maintenance Grants is available on the Stipends website. You can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for the answers to your queries.

A note for students with a disability
Prospective students whose qualifications fall short of those required due to a significant disability may submit a request to the Admissions Board who, on the advice of the Access Disability Support Committee (ADSC), will consider each application on its own merit.