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CALL FOR PAPERS -  “Resilience in a troubled world” Conference (7-9 Nov 2018)

(S a v e   t h e   d a t e)

You are invited to present a paper at the 2018 International Theological Conference on “Resilience in a troubled world” organised by the Faculty of Theology at the University of Malta on 7-9 November 2018.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 31 May 2018.

This international conference seeks to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the death of three great theologians and spiritual writers: Romano Guardini, Karl Barth and Thomas Merton.


Are ‘radiant tomorrows’ possible to imagine? Which future can one embrace in a divided world? Are faith and action enough to respond to the immediate challenges?

People come to realise that a troubled world is a common enemy that requires a collective response. Beyond personal beliefs, religions and ordinary values, humans need to pick up the pieces and go bravely together into the unimaginable.

Although predicting the future is a risky and a daunting task, in front of a troubled world, human arms must never grow slack. Resilience becomes a virtue that changes humans from ‘guilty bystanders’ to ‘catalysts for change’. Resilience equips humans with ordinary virtues to lead extraordinary lives, making them contemplatives in action.


The conference shall first explore the troubled context and times in which the mentioned thinkers lived and wrote. Guardini faced the transition of late modernity; Karl Barth resisted Nazism, while Merton reacted to the changing socio-political scenario of America in the sixties.

Secondly, the conference shall analyse the types of resilience shown in face of adversity and examine how this could enlighten us as to how to confront today’s situations. The different epochs characterised by the different authors (Guardini and Barth in between the two great wars and Merton in post-war years) are somehow echoed in today’s realities. There are things in common more than one could imagine.

Lastly, the conference shall explore how theology reaches out and seeks to dialogue with a troubled world. In this last part, a special emphasis shall be placed on theological anthropology, that is, realising that people across the globe need healing, grace and spirituality.

Resilience in a troubled world is, then, key to healing, believing, reconciliation, and solidarity on a personal and a communitarian dimension.



Those intending to present a paper should submit

• a provisional title,

• 5 to 8 keywords,

• an outline of between 400-500 words making clear the relevance of the paper to the theme of the conference

You should also include:

full name, academic position (if any) and an e-mail addresses.



Deadline for submission of abstracts:             31 May 2018

Notification of abstract acceptance:               30 June 2018

Submission of full papers:                               1 October 2018

Submission of PowerPoint presentations:       31 October 2018




Call for Papers

2018 International Theological Conference on “RESILIENCE IN A TROUBLED WORLD”  on 7-9 November 2018.

Augustinian Institute Academic Year 2017-18

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