Professional Ethics Platform

The Faculty of Theology has an active Professional Ethics Platforms which was set up as a joint initiative between the Department of Moral Theology and the Department of Philosophy in accordance with the relevant University guidelines.

The aims of the programme are:
  • to promote the study of professional ethics as an integral component of professional practice
  • to facilitate the teaching and supervision of dissertations in professional ethics and related areas
  • to offer study-units in cooperation with other Faculties, Institutes and Centres
  • to collaborate with local and foreign institutions and individuals working in professional ethics for research purposes
  • to offer ethical advisory services, including ethical assessment reports
  • to raise public awareness of issues related to professional ethics.

MRT1090  Ethics in Food and Nutrition
MRT2013  Ethics in the Criminal Justice system
MRT3100  Moral Theology Seminar
MRT3300  Politics, Economics and Theology
MRT3340  Bioethics
MRT5010  Social Ministry in a Global Perspective
MRT5120  Public Policy and Ethics at the Edges of Human Life
MRT5150  Emerging European Values and Policies in Bioethics
MRT5180  Management, Finance and Marketing: Ethical Issues
MRT5202  Ethical Issues in the Regulation of Business
MRT5205  Comparative Frameworks in Business and Ethics
MRT5207  Work in an Ethical Perspective
MRT5210  Research Ethics
MRT5220  Priority Setting, Justice and Resource Allocation
MRT5240  The Best Interests of the Child: Ethical and Legal Aspects
MRT5270  Neuroethics, Mental Health and Psychiatric Ethics
MRT5700  Bioethics: Anthropological and Methodological Issues
MRT5710  Suffering, Spirituality and Palliative Care
MRT5850  Social Ministry from a Human Rights Perspective
PLC5540  Law and Justice in the Church

CRM1009  Criminal Justice, Ethics and Human Rights
CST2041  Ethics in the Media
EMA1007  Business Ethics
IHC2012  Ethics for Health Professions and Ethical Dilemmas
LAW5075  Basic Notions of Family Law and Ethical and Professional Issues for Mediators
MDS1023  Introduction to Clinical Practice 1
MDS2022  Introduction to Clinical Practice 2
PHI1102  Ethics 1 and 2
PPL2213  Political Ethics
SWP4161  Business Ethics 2