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COURSE TITLE Master of Arts in Youth Ministry







M.A. Yth. Min.(Melit.)

Second Cycle

Level 7

6 Semesters

Part-time Evening


The M.A. in Youth Ministry is a professional programme designed to empower candidates to minister and work in today’s local context with youth. The course is also intended to give a fresh and dynamic contribution to the local Christian Community. It is for this reason that the course intends to be based not only on abstract theory but also on reflection on the context in which we live and on practice.

The Faculty of Theology’s collaboration with the Diocesan Youth Commission and with the Department of Youth and Community Studies ensures the perfect balance between theory and practice and between the Christian component and the professional component. The course has been designed in such a way as to make successful candidates eligible as professional youth workers.

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LEARNING OUTCOMES By the end of this course, students will be able to:
• respond to the needs of youth
• understanding and accept the Christian vision of the human person
• outline the major psychological and sociological theoretical perspectives in youth
• examine the concept of risk in adolescence and youth
• recognize the correct attitudes which express pastoral care
• offer a caring ministry
• supervise and animate youth leaders
• prepare and conduct programmes with youth
• develop and apply models of youth ministry according to the requirements of local communities and settings
• build groups and foster communities
• live her/his ministry as a disciple of Christ
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AND ACCESS TO FURTHER STUDY Though not a course leading directly to the pursuit of a specific career, the areas covered in this Master’s course will equip students with knowledge and skills to work with young people in a variety of settings.
COURSE INTENDED FOR This course is intended for persons coming from many walks of life who wish to serve their local community.
Applicants shall be, at the time of applying and for the duration of the Course, engaged and active within a statutory or non-statutory youth work organisation, and in possession of one of the following qualifications with at least Second Class Honours or with at least Category II:

(a) a Bachelor degree with Theology or Religious Studies as a main area, or

(b) a Bachelor degree in Youth Studies, or

(c) a Bachelor degree, other than the qualifications indicated in sub-paragraphs (a) and (b), together with a minimum of two years' experience in youth work practice in a youth work oriented agency.

Applicants in possession of a degree classified with Third Class Honours or Category III, together with a minimum of two years' experience in youth work practice in a youth work oriented agency, may also be admitted, provided that they have obtained other qualifications, including relevant experience, following their first cycle degree.

In exceptional cases the Admissions Board, on the recommendation of the Board, may admit into the Course applicants not in possession of a Bachelor's degree, provided that it is satisfied that such applicants are in possession of other academic or professional qualifications and a minimum of two years’ experience in youth work practice in a youth work oriented agency that together are deemed to be comparable to the level of a first degree.

Applicants may be registered as students in the Course if they satisfy the Board, through an interview, that they have the necessary experience and aptitude to follow the Course.

The Board shall, after approval by Senate, determine the number of applicants that may be allowed to register depending on the availability of resources. The Board shall, however, announce the number of available places at the time of the call for applications.

If the number of eligible applicants, following assessment, exceeds the number of available places, the Board shall select applicants according to the following criteria:

(i) degree type and classification
(ii) work experience in the area or a related field and
(ii) performance during the interview.

The interviewing board appointed by the Board shall be composed of at least three members.

The admission requirements are applicable for courses commencing in October 2015.

For more detailed information pertaining to admission and progression requirements please refer to the bye-laws for the course available here.



Last Updated: 26 November 2015
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The availability of optional units may be subject to timetabling constraints.
Units not attracting a sufficient number of registrations may be withdrawn without notice.
Unless for exceptional approved reasons, no changes to the programme of study for a particular academic year will be made once the students' registration period for that academic year begins.

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