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Postgraduate Diploma in Pastoral Psychology
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October 2018

4 semesters part-time (evening)

Mode of study
partly taught and partly by practice

The Postgraduate Diploma in Pastoral Psychology is intended to bridge the world of counselling (clinical) psychology with the pastoral mission of the Church that often requires the services of professional psychologists. The course is suitable for graduates in clinical and counselling psychology, and can qualify as a pre-doctoral course.

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Course Coordinator:
Faculty Day 2018
Once again, the Faculty of Theology is organizing Faculty Day with the theme: Chaplaincy and Faculty. Two Islands in One Big Ocean?

Closing Date Dissertation Proposals
Deadline to present dissertation proposals for next Faculty Board is Thursday 12th April 2018 at 1630hrs

Augustinian Institute Academic Year 2017-18

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Last Updated: 1 March 2018

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