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60/2 (2009)

Lino Bianco, “Valletta: A city in History”, 3-20.
Charles Buttiġieġ, “Diakonia in the New Testament era”, 21-27.
Joe Falzon, “Riflessjonijiet fl-isfond ta’ Caritas in Veritate”, 29-43.
Nicholas Paxton, “Particularity and universality in 2 Corinthians”, 45-63.
Kevin Aquilina, “Oration: Respect for human dignity and the Law”, 65-75.

60/1 (2009)

Pauline Dimech, “Meaning, Truth and Doctrine: George Lindbeck’s The Nature of Doctrine”, 3-14.
James Swetnam, “In search of the Hebrews 9,2 Grail”, 15-23.
Louis Caruana, “The role of Intellectuals in Maltese society today”, 25-34.
Anthony Abela, “The female lover in the Song of Songs ushers in her beloved and her passionate love of Him, Songs 1,1-3”, 35-54.
Fred Guyette, “Encountering the divine names: A Theological pilgrimage”, 55-71.
Alfred Darmanin, “Towards a positive Psychology”, 73-76.

59/2 (2008)

Peter Serracino Inglott, “Challenges to Theology in Malta today”, 3-17.
Anthony Abela, “Donat Spiteri’s translation of Psalm 1,3 within the translation tradition of the psalter in Maltese”, 19-40.
Claude Mangion, “Joe Friggieri’s postmodernist poetics”, 41-42.
Marijke H. de Lang, “Psalm 110 in the New Testament”, 43-50.
John M. Samaha, “The Virgin Mary in the Qur’an”, 51-54.
Anthony Abela, “Short exegetical Essays, 2 Philippins 1,29”, 55-59.
Mark Sultana, “Possible connections between Theology and artistic beauty. The case of Caravaggio”, 61-69.
Michael O’Sullivan, “Spirituality: A new academic disciple”, 71-77.

59/1 (2008)

John Anthony Berry, “Ecumenical formation: Yves Congar’s personal testimony”, 3-19.
Adrian Gellel – Mark Sultana, “A language for the Catholic Church in Malta”, 21-36.
Anthony Abela, “Short exegetical essays, 1:2 Tim 3,14-17”, 37-44.
Carl-Mario Sultana, “Ġorg Preca: Apostle of the Word of God and a precursor of Vatican II”, 45-60.
Salvino Caruana, “Who converts who in the Confessions of Saint Augustine. Variations on the theme of conversion”, 61-70.
Anthony Abela, “Donat Spiteri’s translation of Psalm 1,1-2 within the translation of the Psalter in Maltese”, 71-95.

58/2 (2007)

Mario Attard, “Seven pastoral principles for a hospital chaplain”, 3-21.
James Swetnam, “Liturgical approach to Scripture and Tradition”, 23-30.
Kathleen Bonello, “A historical sketch of the Catholic Tradition of spiritual directions by means of letters. A representative selection”, 31-88.
Anthony Abela, “Saydon translations studies 1: Ruth 1,1”, 89-111.

58/1 (2007)

Edward G. Farrugia, “Human rights with a future”, 3-22.
John Anthony Berry, “Man’s capacity for self-transcendence - On conversion in Bernard Lonergan’s Method in Theology”, 23-42.
James Swetnam, “A close reading of Hebrews 3,7 - 4,11 and Logos as Christ in Hebrews 4,12”, 43-51.
Salvino Caruana, “Negotia Christianorum (Apologeticum 39,1-20). A study of some salient themes of the moral life and discipline in the daily life of early Christian Communities – 2nd and 3rd CE Tertullian and the case of North Africa”, 53-67.
Laurenţiu Ionescu, “Kreitton and the disproportionate typology”, 69-77.
Anthony Abela, “Suggestions for a discourse analysis of Amos 5,1 - 6,14”, 79-99.
Anthony Abela, Book review, 101-106.

57/2 (2006)

Sean Edward Kinsella, “Contemporary society’s threat to sacramentality”, 3-5.
Aloo Osotsi Mojola, “What are the outstanding problems and challenges that confront contemporary Bible interpretation and translation in Africa?”, 7-22.
Kuo-Wei Peng, “Inspiration, authority and hermeneutics”, 23-54.
Anthony Abela, “Translating outos in 2 John 7”, 55-61.
Thomas Knieps-Port le Roi, “Familiaris Consortio - Impasse or Inspiration for a contemporary Theology of marriage and the family?”, 63-78.
Anthony Abela, Book review, 79-81.

57/1 (2006)

Mark Sultana, “The ‘possible’ role of the imagination in Philosophy and Theology”, 3-15.
Charles Buttiġieġ, “First Christ, then those of Christ ... so that God may be all in all”, 17-27.
Sean Edward Kinsella, “A new attuning of the elements occurred. A brief reflection on the sacrament of the Eucharist”, 29-31.
Mark F. Montebello, “La Filosofia di Pietro Caxaro (d. 1485)”, 33-48
Edward Xuereb, “A historic approach to the question of psychic incapacity”, 49-75.
Anthony Abela, “Hannah expresses her strong feelings about her rival and about the Lord in her hymn of praise”, 77-99.



56/2 (2005)

What is 'new' in the new edition of Il-Bibbja?
 - Anthony Abela

The Franciscan Capuchin brotherhood as an example of consecrated communion
 - Mario Attard

The psycho-social and religious situation of Maltese migrants in Australaia       
 - Victor Shields
Exegeting and translating Jas 4, 5b
 - Anthony Abela
The contribution of the University of Malta in the formation of the Maltese priests, 1838-1850   
 - Francis Bonnici

56/1 (2005)

Where ecology of no hope can find hope
 - Josette Vassallo
Towards a more democratised Church
 - David Polidano
The meaning of Sunday as the Lord's day       
 - Frank Borg

Abraham's seed and Isaac as promis: a study of Hebrews 2, 6 and 11, 11 in the context of Hebrews
 - James Swetnam

"Scripturarum capere sacramentum…" Scripture as sacrament in sermon 66, 1 of Pope St. Leo the Great   
 - Salvino Caruana
Acts 4, 25a: recognizing a concentric arrangement
 - Anthony Abela  93

Book Reviews   
 - Anthony Abela

55/2 (2004)

"born of the Virgin Mary"
 - Salvino Caruana

Elements of Democracy in the Church: Vatican II and afterwards
 - David Polidano

The question of ethics in contemporary Maltese literature           
 - Claude Mangion
Genesis 22, Hebrews and a hermeneutic of Faith
 - James Swetnam
Issues in Bible translation (Part II): when tradition prevails over good parsing.   Reconsidering the translation of Is 53, 11b       
 - Anthony Abela
Issues in Bible translation (Part III): Bens Sirach's avnfrw poj povrnoj in Sir 23, 17  - Anthony Abela

Book review   
 - Anthony Abela

55/1 (2004)

Fides quaerens intellectum parctico-socialem in the writngs of Adalbert G. Hamman (1910-2000)
 - Hector Scerri

Interpreting the word of God: rhetorical analysis
 - Charles Buttigieg
La liturgia a Malta a 40 anni dal Concilio Vaticano II 
 - Jesmond Manicaro
Democratic elements in the Early Church
 - David Polidano

Theses on hermeneutics                  
 - Paul Ellingworth
Isaac as promise: a study of the symbolism of Hebrews 11, 19
 - James Swetnam
The Church and the fullness of the Truth
 - Hector Scerri

Issues in Bible translation (Part I): Judith's shadow
 - Anthony Abela
Book reviews
 - Carl Mario Sultana, Anthony Abela


54/2 (2003)

Faith and Reason: a process view. The Lord's prayer to the one and only God
 - Santiao Sia
The Catholic Church and democracy
 - David Polidano

Catholicism: the end of a 'world'        
 - Anthony M. Abela
La spiritualità interconfessionale per la Bibbia e per la gente: passione, competenza, indipendenza
 - Giovanni Bachelet and Carlo Buzzetti

Saint Augustine's doctrine on Grace (Part III)
 - Joseph Lupi

Book reviews
- Edward Farrugia, Reg Naulty, Anthony Abela

54/1 (2003)

Father and tempter?
 - Thomas Kaut
The right environment for the recruitment and formation of vocations
 - Francis Bonnici
Two baptisms in the Acts of the Apostles
 - John J. Kilgallen S.J.
The family: a reflection of the Trinity
 - Maurice Eminyan S.J.

Family values and social policy in member and applicant countries of the European Union
 - Anthony M. Abela

Book Reviews

53/2 (2002)

Word order in the clauses of the narrative sections in P.P. Saydon's Bible's translation in Maltese (Part II)
 - Anthony Abela
The solicitude of the Church for priestly vocations, formation and education
 - Francis Bonnici

Developing norms for the ecclesiastical archives
 - Joseph Bezzina

Saint Augustine's doctrine on Grace (Part II)
 - Joseph Lupi  

The English soul and God: a reflection
 - Reg Naulty
The origins of the Bible in English
 - John Samaha
Book Reviews

53/1 (2002)

Word order in the clauses of the narrative sections in P.P. Saydon's Bible's translation in Maltese (Part I)
 - Anthony Abela
Dialogue between Jews and Christians in the Holy Land
 - Frederic Manns OFM
Saint Augustine 's doctrine on Grace (Part I)
 - Joseph Lupi

The family as the domestic Church
 - Maurice Eminyan S.J. 
L'année dernière à Marienbad and the cartography of an Orphic life-in-death: The modern Katábasis of Resnais
 - Saviour Caruana and Lino Bianco
Book review

52/2 (2001)

Youth participation in voluntary organisations
 - Anthony Abela
Interdisciplinary dialogue between Theology and Psycholgy
 - Klaus Baumann

Mary's apostolic mission and our participation
 - John M. Samaha

And the Word became flesh
 - Hubertus Drobner

Is a painted icon monastic?
 - Mario Attard

52/1 (2001)

The Probative Force of Peter's Speech: Acts 15, 7b- 11
  - John J. Kilgallen SJ

Understanding the Eastern Christian Churches
 - John M. Samaha SM 17

Divine Action in the Context of Modern Scientific Thinking
 - Christopher Lamater

A Meteorological Appraisal of Acts 27, 5-26
 - R W White

The Individualised Pedagogy of Christ
 - Adrian Mario Gellel

God and the Trinity in the Fathers - II
 - Joseph Lupi

Book Review
 - Rev. Dr. Anthony Abela

51/2 (2000)

Freedom and the Unconscious in Thomas Aquinas
  - Klaus Baumann

"I would rather not be wearisome to you"
  - Hubertus R. Drobner
God and the Trinity in the Fathers
  - Joseph Lupi

Hebrews 9,24: Some Suggestions about Text and Context
  - James Swetnam, S.J.
Book Review
  - Rev. Dr. Anthony Abela

51/1 (2000)

The Fourth Eucharistic Prayer - A General Analysis Of its Structure and content to Appreciate its Ecclesiological Meaning
  - Hector M. Scerri
"You Cannot Pick Grapes from Thornes": Saint Augustine's Archaeological Evidence and Spiritual Meaning
  - Rev. Prof. Hubertus Drobner

Nietzsche, communication and the Possibility of Emancipation
  - Claude Mangion

Hebrews 1, 54-14: A. New Look
  - James Swetnam, S.J.

The Language of Universal Salvation in Romans
  - Paul A. Guillaumier

Koinonia, Diakonia and Martyria; Interrelated Themes in Patristic Sacramental Theology as Expounded by Adalbert G. Hamman O.F.M.
  - H. Scerri

Book Review
  - Rev. Dr. Anthony Abela

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