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Ġesù r-Ragħaj it-Tajjeb. (San Ġwann 10: 1-18)

Celebrating the Eucharist with Children

Il-Liturġija u r-Reliġjozità Popolari f'Malta Wara l-Konċilju Vatikan II

The Marriage Anology in The Prophet Hosea

The Ordination Liturgy as a Source for a Theology of the Priesthood

Dimensions of Work in the Teaching of John Paul II

The Forsakenness of Jesus in the Light of St Mark's Passion

The Priest as Builder of the Christian Community

The Cultural Milieu of the Creation Narratives in Genesis

La Direzione Spirituale Nella Vita e Negli Scritti Di San Francesco D'Assisi

Religion and the 1921  Constitution: Genesis and Implications

An Understanding of the Concept of the Word in The Old Testament

The Constituents of the Prophetic Experience

Forgiveness is at the Heart of Building a Christian Community

Il-Leader tal-Hajja Religjuza

The Diocesan Pastoral Council: Church Documents and The Local Reality

The Cross and Liberation:  The Thought of Jurgen Moltmann

Protestant Missionary Activity in Malta 1800-1850 and Catholic Reaction

The New Consciousness of God Through Suffering in Job

The Pastoral Value of Group Media

The Baptismal Praxis in the Early Church and the Experience of the Neo-Catechumenal Way Today

The Teaching of John Paul II on Conjugal Love

The Ecclesial Community as a Hermeneutical Locus

The Christian Responsibility Toward Children in Care

Religious Freedom in International Law

Il-Misteru Tal-Knisja f’ Sant Wistin

Post Conciliar Catholic Teaching on Church and Politics:  The Teaching of the Bishops

Lay Participation in the Eucharistic Liturgy

Life of Prayer in the Early Phase of The Capuchin Reform 1528 - 1536

Mary and the Eucharist in Recent Theological Reflection

Ministry The Socio-Historical Approach in Edward Schillabeeckx

Light Symbolism in the Liturgy

The Power of the Poor in the Thought of Gustavo Gutierrez

The Development of Faith according to James W. Fowler

The Missionary Society of St. Paul:  Background and New Perspectives in the Understanding of ‘Mission’

The Drug Addict and the Religious Experience: Malta Case

Hidma Pastorali ma’ Familji Bi Problemi

Church Base Communities in Brazil, A Project of the Kingdom and a New Way of Being the Church

Confirmation:  Is it a Sacrament for Adults?  Pastoral-Liturgical Considerations

The Handling of Pauline Texts by the Servant of God Joseph De Piro

Differing Perceptions of the Church – Pastoral Implications 

Compulsory Commitment of Mentally ILL Persons and the Right to Refuse Treatment

The Artist as Gospel-Bearer to the Church

The Nature of Canon Law According to Post- Conciliar Magisterium (1965-1993)

Our Ecological Responsibility:  Philosophical and Theological Perspectives

Luke’s Passion Narrative and its Theology

The Role of the Confessor in the Formation of Conscience

Refugees:  A Response to a Global Problem

Initiating Children between Six to Ten Years Into the Christian Community

Pastoral Ministry with Families in Grief

Culture as a Field of Pastoral Action

Motivating Maltese Youths to Attend Sunday Mass

Theories of Justice and the Just Wage

Yves Conger’s Thought on the Indwelling Spirit as a Basis for True Christian Identity 

African Tradional Family Life Confronted With the Christian Vision of Marriage

Carlos Mesters:   The People’s Perspective in Reading the Bible

The Eucharist in the Life and Writings of St Theresa of Jesus

Erring Heads and Searching Hearts: Salvivic Truth

Carmel:  A Spirituality of Beauty

The Ethics of Leadership and Nigerian Management (A Commitment on Social and Public Policy Development)

Gnostic Doctrine In Modern Sectarian Movements

The Pastoral Care of Single Parents

Empowering Young People for Mission

Healing in Contemporary Parish Pastoral Ministry

Developing Collaborative Ministry in the Parish

The Suffering God In Search of a Credible Pastoral Approach to Human Suffering

Radio at The Service of the Church

Popular Religiousity in Malta: An Application of the Directory on Popular Piety

The Franciscan Capuchin Charism of Brotherhood

The Trinity and the Paschal Mystery In Hans Urs Von Balthasar

Consecrated Life:  A Witness to Communion

Vocational Pastoral Ministry – The Role of Human Mediation

The Emergency Contraceptive Debate:  Moral and Pastoral Issues

Preaching Christ Through Marian Icons

Priestly Celibacy in an African Context:  Systematic and Pastoral Perspectives

Prayer in the Life and Writings of Saint Francis of Assisi

Nurturing Ecclesial Communion through Interpersonal Priestly Relationships

Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love: A Pedagogy for Peace in Pope John Paul II

The Eucharistic Perspective of The Ministerial Priesthood in John Paul II

Emerging Trends Amongst Maltese Adolescents: A Quantitative Study Into Taylor's Culture

 of Authenticity

Death in Qohelet: A Contemporary Reading

The Permanent Diaconate:  Theology and Praxis

Homosexuality:  Models of Moral Reasoning and Pastoral Ministry

The Eschatological Nature of the Eucharist in the Theology of John D. Zizioulas

The Role of the Lay Ecclesial Minister in the Maltese Church Today

The Ignatian 'Sentire Cum Ecclesia' An Approach to Pastoral Ministry Today

The Possibility of Hope: A Conversation Between Gianni Vattimo and Pope Benedict XVI

Music and Worship in the Book of Psalms

The Eastern Catholic Churches: A Historical and Local Perspective

St John of the Cross' Transformative Love in the Works of Stephenie Meyer

The Pastoral Solicitude of the Church in the Marriage Nullity Process

Aspects of John H. Newman's Conversion: An Inspiration for A Pastoral Journey With 

Searching Hearts

Chiara Lubich on a Spirituality of Communion as Promoted in Novo Millennio Ineunte

The Gift of Death: The Meeting Place Between Humanistic Resistance and Transcendental 


The Celebration of the Easter Tridium Today: Liturgical and Pastoral Considerations

The Pneumatological Dimension in The Celebration of The Sacraments of Initiation

Building Small Groups Within The Parish - Towards A Renewed And Evangelising Community

Small Christian Communities as Locus for Effective Co-Responsibility in the Diocese of Karonga

The Changing Paradigm of the Church's Pastoral Mission in the Working World

The Family as Best Educational Environment for Faith Development

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