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MA Matrimonial Canon Law Jurisprudence
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MA in Matrimonial Canon Law and Jurisprudence

The Role of the Defender of the Bond in Marriage Nullity Cases According to the Code of Canon Law and the Instruction Dignitas Connubii

The Invalidity of the Sentence and the Complaint of Nullity

The Exclusio Boni Prolis as a Ground for the Declaration of Nullity of Marriage: Doctrine and Jurisprudence

Conformity of Sentences in Canonical Doctrine and Jurisprudence

The Probative Value of the Parties' Declarations in Marriage Nullity Cases According to Canonical and Civil Procedural Law

The Bonum Coniugum in the Light of the Augustinian Bona

The Marriage Vetitum: A Denial of One's Right to Marry?

The Invalidating Force of Deceit on Matrimonial Consent (c.1098): Canonical Doctrine and Jurisprudence

The Essential Contents of the Bonum Fidei and its Exclusion: Doctrine and Jurisprudence

The Effects of Substance Abuse on the Capacity to Marry in Terms of Canon 1095 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law

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Dissertation Logbook
The Dissertation Logbook can be found here.

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