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MA in Religious Studies

Presenting Gospel Parables to Early Adolescents

The Biblical Story of Ruth: An Inspiration to the Institute Spigolatrici della Chiesa

The Image of the Church and New Age Spirituality

Artificial Nutrition and Hydration in the Vegetative State: A Paradigm Shift in Scientific Perspectives and Moral Reasoning

Influence of Greek Tragedy in the Gospel of John

The Eucharist makes the Church and the Church makes the Eucharist

Has Science Disproved God? The Attempt of Atheist Fundamentalism to Hijack Science to Disprove God

The Sacrament of Confirmation : Reception and Perceptions

The Concept of Bonum Coniugum and Canonical Marriage

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Closing Date Dissertation Proposals
Deadline to present dissertation proposals for next Faculty Board is Wednesday 29th November 2017 at 1700hrs

Augustinian Institute Academic Year 2017-18

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Dissertation Logbook
The Dissertation Logbook can be found here.

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