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MA in Theology

Continuing Formation in Order of Capuchin

The Ethical Implications of Christian Life in St. Augustine of Hippo’s De Sermone Domini in Monte

Marriage Expectations of Today’s Engaged Couples

Eucharist in the First Letter to the Corinthians

Being and the Self:  A Comparative Study Between St. Thomas Aquinas and Sri Sankaracarya

Personal Values and Public Choices of Catholic Politicians

Ecology and Human Development:  A Christian Perspective

Sri Sankaracarya's Atman-Brahman and the Relation between Man and God

Church Music in Malta:  The Liturgical-Social Aspect from the 16th Century till the 1903 Motu Proprio

The Song of Songs as a Celebration of Human Sexuality

The Marian Dimension in the Writings of Adrienne Von Speyr

Adapting Lectio Divina as a Method of Biblical Prayer for Adolescents

The Eucharistic Debate in the Fourth Gospel A Contribution to the Meaning of Self-Giving in 

Christian Life

Youth in Malta Understanding their Practical Theology

The Pastoral Pressure of Marriage Breakdown. The Catholic and Orthodox Responses Revisited 

Jesus Christ in the Writings of Teilhard De Chardin

The New Age Movement and Christianity Radical Difference 

Suffering of God and Theodicy

A Theological and Pathological Study of the Sufferings and Death of Jesus Christ

Marjanu Vella:  Translating Faith into Poetry

The Theology of the Sacred Heart:  An Inspiration to Maria Teresa Nuzzo

On the Ethic of Caring:  An Explaratory Study on the Reflective Accounts of Student Nurses

John Paul II and the Drama of Atheistic Humanism :  Political and Anthropological Perspectives

No Rings, No Strings: Cohabitation's Challenge to Marriage

The Capacity of Sexually Abused Persons to Marry:  A Canonical Appraisal

On Being Human:  Freedom and Grace in the Writings of Edith Stein.

The Concept of Man's Estrangement and the Doctrine of the Christ according to Paul Tillich

Growing in Christian Self-Identity Through Understanding Interreligious Dialogue in the Light of

 'Oneness' Reconciling Rahner's and Von Balthasar's Views on Plurasim

Irregular Migration in Southern Europe:  A Challenge for the Church

Il-Ministeru Sacerdotali ta' San Gorg Preca - Eku Fidil tal-Kelma ta' Alla

Churches for a New Century from The Baroque to Richard England's Sacred Spaces

The Paschal Celebration in the Peri Pascha of Melito, Bishop of Sardis

Presenting 1 Thessalonians to the Modern World

Understanding a Pastoral Paradigm Shift The Historical Transformation of the Rural Village 

Wied il Ghajn into an Urban Conglomeration Marsascala

Prayer in the Life and Writings of Romano Guardini

Ministering the Family with a Mentally Disabled Child

Mediation Process in Marital Crisis :  Theological Foundations and Pastoral Implications

Anti-Judaism in the Fourth Gospel A Contribution to Christian- Jewish Dialogue

Paul and Jesus: Kingdom, Law and Love 

The Formation of the Christian Communities From Qahal to Ekklesia

The Religious Culture of Maltese Pre-Teens

Francis De Sales and Salesian Spirituality: Experiencing Sainthood in Everyday Life

Adolescents' Concepts of the Family Responding to Adolescents' Needs Through Religious Education

Common Existential Questions Asked by Adolescents: Perspectives of RE and PSD Teachers

Veritatis Splendor: Curran's Criticism-May's Counter- Criticism and the Dispute over Moral 


Heaven: Sharing in the Resurrection of Christ

Reconciliation: Personal and Ecclesial Augustine of Hippo's Model

Suffering in The Book of Job: A Christian Interpretation

Colossians 1, 24 and Paul's Theology of the Cross

The Chalice and its Theologcial Symbolism

Foot Washing in John 13:1-20 Intimacy in Jesus' Attitude of Humility and Servitude

Paul's Application of Abrahamic Faith to the Christian life: "The One who is Righteous will live

 by Faith"

The Concept of the Church in the Fourth Gospel

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21st Annual Augustinian Lecture 2017
The 21st Annual Augustinian Lecture 2017 will be celebrated on the 5th and 6th December 2017 with two lectures delivered by Rev. Prof. Theodore Dieter.

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