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Religion and the Mass Media in Malta
Parish Pastoral Councils
Theology of Cinematic Language
Lay Missionaries in the Church
Private Property: The Catholic Position Background and New Perspectives
The Religious Re-Integration of Returned Migrants
Parish Priest-Laity Relationships
Marriage Problems in Malta
The Charism of Mother Theresa
The Aged and the Christian Community
Living The Paschal Mystery in Christian Marriage
The New Rite of Infant Baptism
Is-Sehem ta' Whud mis-Surmastijiet Maltin fil-Muzika Sagra u Profana f'Malta
The Social Consciousness of the Church in Malta 1891-1921
The Humanism of Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II)
The Mother of Jesus in the New Testament: Fr R.E. Brown's Interpretation
Towards a Theology of Pastoral Action Among Tourists
The Concept of Salvation in the Documents of Vatican Council II
The Process of Self-Actualization of the Priest
Church-State Relations in John Courtney Murray S.J
Workers Participation in Church Documents
Ecclesiastics and Certain Issues in the Maltese Parliament 1921-1930
Fundamental Rights of the Christian with Special Reference to the Right of Association
Reading the signs of God: The Review of Life Method in Joseph Cardijn
Some Sociological Aspects about the Jehovah's Witness in Malta

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