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A Mediterranean Religious Programme is being set up within the Faculty of Theology in accordance with the relevant University guidelines.

The objectives of the Mediterranean Religious Network are the following:

  • to facilitate communication between centres, programmes and individuals working in inter-religious dialogue in a Mediterranean or a Euro-Mediterranean perspective
  • to promote the study of the three monotheistic religions as a common spiritual heritage in the history of Mediterranean civilization
  • to promote the dialogue between the three monotheistic religions as well as  between religious and secular world-views as a basis for common action and peace in the Mediterranean region.

The Network will seek to realize its aims with the support of as many religious and academic institutions as desire to participate. The founding members of the Network are:

  • the Faculty of Theology of Granada
  • the Mediterranean Religious Programme of the University of Malta and  
  • the Institut de Sciences et de Theologie des Religions, Marseilles, of the Catholic University of Lyon.

Initial activities to be undertaken by the Network, are the following:

  • Newsletter to be published twice yearly as a means of information on member centres/programmes, existing projects and announcements of activities
  • Database to include a  
    • directory of centres/programmes and persons engaged in inter-religious dialogue  
    • projects and curricula files
  • International Conferences to discuss and elaborate guidelines for courses in theology or religious studies which respect the identity of every religious tradition and reflect an openness to other religious traditions as well as to the peculiar features of Mediterranean culture.

A co-ordinating service will be furnished to the Network by the Mediterranean Religious Programme of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Malta, which will also be responsible for the raising of funds necessary for the undertaking of the aforesaid or other related and approved activities.


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