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Department of Sacred Scripture, Hebrew & Greek

Department’s main objective: to introduce students to the various scientific methods and approaches of Biblical interpretation and, thereby, to a deeper understanding of God’s written word.

Courses seek to present and coherently examine the major parts of the Bible: Pentateuch and Historical Books; Prophetic, Wisdom and Apocalyptic Literature; the Four Canonical Gospels; Pauline Letters and Acts of the Apostles, and exegesis; Inspiration and Interpretation, New Testament Background, Narrative Art in the Bible, Biblical languages, and topical issues like Women in the Bible, and Anti-Semitism. This, in turn, enables the other branches of theology to draw their foundational principles from the written word of God itself.

The department seeks to offer the salient interpretative research of the major Schools of exegetical thought within the current of Tradition, so that students, including those from other Faculties, can have a better understanding of how the Bible enlightens contemporary life and faith. The research areas of the department are Bible Translation techniques and methodology; Biblical Discourse Analysis and Narratology; Lectio Divina as Contemporary Method of Biblical Prayer; Pauline Writings; New Testament Environment; Johannine Writings; Anti-Semitism in the Bible.


Head of Department: Rev. Dr Paul Sciberras


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