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Name: Rev. Dr Stefan Attard

B.A., S.Th.L., S.S.D. (Pont.Inst.Bibl.)

Post: Lecturer

Research Interests:

The Old Testament, particularly Exegesis of the Book of Psalms; the Canonical Approach to the Study of Scripture; the Masoretic Text.

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Name: Rev. Joseph Ciappara OFM
B.A. Phil/Psych; S.Th.B.; S.S.L. (SBF Jerusalem)
Post: Assistant Lecturer
Research Interests:
The languages of the Old Testament, especially Biblical Hebrew. A particular interest in the comparative study of Hebrew and the other North-West Semitic languages.
Old Testament Exegesis especially the Pentateuch and its relationship with the Deuteronomistic History.
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Name: Rev. Dr Marcello Ghirlando OFM

S.Th.L. (SBF Jerusalem), S.Th.D. (PUG, Rome),Dipl. Journalism (UOM)

Post: Lecturer

Research Interests:

The New Testament, in particular Pauline Writings, the New Testament Environment, Judaism, The Holy Land.

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Name: Rev. Dr Martin Micallef OFM Cap martin_micallef
S.Th.B., M.S.Th.(Oxon.), S.Th.D.
Post: Lecturer
Research Interests: New Testament, Johannine Literature, The Synoptic Gospels, History of Biblical Interpretation, Anti-Semitism in the New Testament, The Writings of Cyril of Alexandria, in particular his Commentary on the Gospel of John
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Name: Rev. Dr Paul Sciberras - Head of Department
Post: Full-Time Lecturer, Head of Department of Sacred Scripture, Hebrew and Greek
Research Interests: Old-New Testament relationship; New Testament; Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles; Paul’s contribution to Christianity; Scripture for today with particular focus on Lectio Divina Method of Biblical prayer
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The Spirit of the Reformation: 500 Years On
The Spirit of the Reformation: 500 Years On - An International Conference organised by the Faculty of Theology - 27-28 October 2017

Augustinian Institute Academic Year 2017-18

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