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Rev. Dr Stefan Attard read a B.A. (Philosophy), an S.Th.B. and an S.Th.L. (Pastoral Theology) at the University of Malta. He then obtained the S.S.L. from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome which comprised a semester at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He defended his doctoral thesis entitled The Structural Scheme Ordering Book II of the Psalter (Psalms 42–72) – A Synchronic Analysis in 2013 at the same Institute in Rome after spending several months conducting research at the Ecole Biblique et Archeologique Française de Jerusalem. In 2014 he was a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta and in 2014 became a part-time lecturer within the Faculty of Theology (Department of Sacred Scripture, Hebrew and Greek).
He has been contributing to the work of the Commission for the Revision of the Bible in Maltese and is an academic member of the Malta Bible Society. He has also presented papers at conferences in Belgium and Slovakia.



  • ATTARD, S. M., The Implications of Davidic Repentance. A Synchronic Analysis of Book II of the Psalter (Psalms 42–72) (Analecta Biblica – Dissertationes 212; Roma 2016).
  • ATTARD, S. M. – PAVAN, M. (eds.), “Canterò in eterno le misericordie del Signore” (Sal 89,2). Scritti in onore del prof. Gianni Barbiero per il suo 70mo compleanno (AnBib. Studia 3; Roma 2015). 
  • Preparation of the base text for L’Avventura tal-Grazzja ta’ Alla f’Malta. Mixja b’riflessjonijiet bibliċi fil-postijiet fejn skont it-tradizzjoni terraq San Pawl (Floriana, Malta 2009). 


  • “Dealing with Displacement and Homelessness in the Psalms: Divine Action as a Paradigm for Human Mission”, in Stanislas Savarimuthu et al. (eds.), Like a Watered Garden. A Festschrift for Prof Rev Dr Lucien Legrand MEP on his 90th Birthday (Theological Publications in India, Bengaluru 2017), Vol. I, 216-245.
  • “Jesus of Nazareth and the Plants around Him”, in Peter CALAMATTA, Maltese Plants of the Bible (Malta 2016), XVI-XXII.
  • “Befriending the Contemporary Entrepreneur to Moses”, in AGIUS, E. – SCERRI, H. (eds.), The Quest for Authenticity and Human Dignity, Melita Theologica Supplementary Series 6 (Malta: Faculty of Theology, University of Malta – Foundation for Theological Studies 2015), 53-69.
  • “Establishing Connections between Pss 49 and 50 within the Context of Pss 49–52: A Synchronic Analysis”, in The Composition of the Book of Psalms (ed. E. ZENGER) (BEThL 238; Leuven 2010) 413-424.
  • “Freedom, A Gift of the Spirit according to Yves Congar”, in Living Theology. Studies on Karl Rahner, Yves Congar, Bernard Lonergan and Hans Urs von Balthasar (ed. H. SCERRI) (Vatican City 2007) 227-241. 

Other Contributions

  • “Inkantaw il-Ħniena ta’ Alla bis-Salmi”, in Fr Philip CUTAJAR OFMCap (ed.), Il-Ħniena ta’ Alla. Riflessjonijiet għall-Ġublew tal-Ħniena (Furjana 2016), 13-15.
  • “Salm 102 (103): Bierek, ruħ tiegħi, il-Mulej!”, in Niki PAPAGIORCOPULO (ed.), Lapsi 2016 (Qrendi 2016), 68-75.
  • “Ġesù, Iben il-Ħniena”, in Fr Anthony CILIA O.Carm. (ed.), Il-Karmelu 81/4 (2016), 4-5.
  • Il-Missierna – 8 reflections on Old Testament Biblical figures in Is-Sena tal-Fidi. Talb u Riflessjonijiet III (Malta 2013) 175-190.
  • Personaġġi fit-Testment il-Qadim – 25 reflections on Old Testament Biblical figures in Is-Sena tal-Fidi. Talb u Riflessjonijiet III (Malta 2013) 12-54.
  • Homilies for September (A) in The Furrow, Vol. 59, No. 7/8 (July-Aug 2008) 427-431
  • Homilies for June (A) in The Furrow, Vol. 56, No. 5 (May 2005) 308-312.


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