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TITLE Pastoral Ministry

LEVEL 05 - Postgraduate Modular Diploma or Degree Course


DEPARTMENT Pastoral Theology, Liturgy and Canon Law

DESCRIPTION The set of lectures will be introduced by a brief reminder upon the sharing of all the faithful in Christ's roles as prophet, priest and king. All the members of the ekklesia are called to participate in these three functions in virtue of their Baptism and Confirmation, clerics in a particular way through the sacrament of Orders (cfr PO 1; AA 10). Particular and special gifts are to be exercised through ministries that build and serve the whole Christian community. The role of the priest as builder of and within the community is also highlighted. The possibly wide spectrum of lay ministries in the local Church is also investigated.

Note: The development of ministry in the first century of the Church is covered as part of the undergraduate study-unit on the sacrament of Holy Orders.


1. To be cognizant – using the sources of Scripture and Tradition – of the main attitudes which are central to the life and mission of pastoral ministers in the Church – ordained and lay.
2. To be aware of contemporary trends in the exercise of pastoral ministry.
3. To explore means of collaboration between ordained and lay ministers in the community.
4. To grow in one’s convictions regarding the basic elements which together form the profile of the pastoral minister.


Select texts (in preparation for forum) (equivalent to 6 lectures):
CASEY, M., What are we at? Ministry and Priesthood for the Third Millennium, Dublin 1992.
CORDES, P.J., Charisms and New Evangelization, Middlegreen 1992.
Diakonia: Church for Others, Concilium 198, 1988
DULLES, A., The Priestly Office, New York–Mahwah/NJ 1997.
FORTE, B., Laicato e laicità, Genova 1986.
Lettera dei Vescovi Tedeschi sull'ufficio sacerdotale, Brescia 1970.
PELLEGRINO, M., The True Priest, Villanova/PA 1988.
RATZINGER, J., Il senso del ministero sacerdotale, Trento 1969.


COFFEY, D., “The Common and Ordained Priesthood”, Theological Studies 58 (1997) 209-236.
CONGAR, Y., Laity, Church and World: Three Addresses, Chapman 1960.
———, Lay People in the Church: A Study for a Theology of the Laity, Bloomsbury 1957.
FABENE, F., “Il sacerdote uomo di comunione”, Apollinaris 70 (1997) 79-104.
GAILLARDETZ, R.R., “Shifting Meanings in Lay-Clergy Distinction”, The Irish Theological Quarterly 64 (1999) 115-139.
GRONDELSKI, J.M., “Lay Ministries? A Quarter Century of Ministeria Quaedam”, Irish Theological Quarterly 63 (1998) 272-282.
LIGIER, L., “Lay Ministries and their Foundations in the Documents of Vatican II”, in Vatican II. Assessment and Perspectives, II, ed. R. Latourelle, New York – Mahwah 1989, 160-176 [also available in Italian].
OUELLET, M., “Priestly Ministry at the Service of Ecclesial Communion”, Communio 23 (1996) 677-687.


Assessment Component/s Resit Availability Weighting
Presentation Yes 50%
Assignment Yes 50%

LECTURER/S Pauline Dimech
Martin F. Micallef
Hector Scerri

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