An astounding 91% of litter found floating around the Maltese Islands is plastic waste, but it is not the only pollutant scarring our seas. Caroline Curmi speaks to marine biologist and University of Malta guest lecturer Marta Curmi about Malta’s marine pollution crisis and how the nation can tackle it. Read More
Maltese seismologist Matthew Agius, alongside an international team of researchers, has just identified a thinner-than-average zone in the Earth’s mantle below the mid-Atlantic Ocean. The finding helps explain how the Atlantic Ocean is opening up. The story left ripples worldwide. Read More
As our climate degrades, the consequences are felt even on a microscopic level. E. coli, a bacteria responsible for severe food-poisoning, seems to be benefitting from the crisis. Andrew Firbank speaks with PhD researcher Styliani Roufou to discover the consequences that this could have for the dairy sector. Read More
Project SANITAS harnesses the power of plasma to turn water into hydrogen peroxide, the key ingredient in disinfectants like hand sanitizers. With the COVID19 crisis making hygiene a daily priority, researchers at the University of Malta are tweaking the chemical process to create medical grade products. Read More
Archives help preserve the past. Modern archives are dependent on technology. What happens when the technology used to store the past becomes obsolete? Will this information be lost forever at the next update? Words by David Mizzi. Read More